What is the highest generation of tamagotchis?


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there is no limit so keep it healthy!

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No, the highest level of February 2008 is the V4.5.

A Tamagotchi is just like a pet, it can be fed and played wth. You can connect it to other tamagotchis and they can fall in love. If they do you can start a generation of tamagotchis!! They go to primary school, junior school and can even get a job!!

Mametchi is the main character of all the tamagotchis! Or you could say mascot of all tamagotchis.

There are Wal-Mart and Zellers stores in Barrie, and Tamagotchis are usually sold there. Happy Tama hunting!

France is the highest by a long way, with about 75 percent

you get the main characters only. not celebitchi and tenpatchi and the other tamagotchis. you get kuchipatchi and mametchi and memeitchi. all the main characters. :)

a tamagotchis adult is whan your tamagotchis grows up to an adult you cot marry your tama play new games.

It depends on who plays with them.

You cannot raise twins on any tamagotchi. The only tamagotchis that allow you to raise more than one character is the v5 and v5celebrity.

Its your lucky day! Tamagotchi v5s have just come out! In these you are able to raise a whole family of tamagotchis! Enjoy! Glad i could help:)

They connect your tamagotchi with a tamagotchi of the opposite gender so that you can have babies. This is useful because you might not be able to connect with other tamagotchis, so the matchmaker fixes the issues of not being able to have another generation of tamagochies.

around the age of 5,6,&7

you conent with other real tamagochi

you can find them cheap at five below

iOS 4.2.1 is the highest iOS firmware you can reach on the iPod Touch 2nd Generation.

Tamagotchis are some of the best virtual pets ever released, and they are really popular! A Tamagotchi is an interactive virtual pet (pixel pet on a small gadget) that you have to take care of. You feed it, clean up its poop and play games with it. As it gets older, you can take it to school, and once it is an adult, you can make it marry another Tama to start up a new generation! That's just a basic description of Tamagotchi. For more, visit TamaTalk forums where you can find people's posts about Tamagotchis and even ask questions if you decide to register!

a 4.0 can connect with a 4.5 and a 4.5 can connect with a 5.0 and a five can connect with with a 6.0 basicly the newest tamagotchi can connect with the second newest

Yes, All Tamagotchi's Can Connect As Long As The Red Bit At The Top Of The Tamagotchi / Famalitchi Is Close Enough (15 Cm Max)

One can make holy aura in moo moo generation x by attaining the highest level of the game and winning at the highest level of the video game moo moo .

There is no TM 100. As of Generation IV, the highest TM number is 92.

i bought mine at toys r us.

you have to take care of it all the time

By connecting with the red thing on top of it!

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