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What is the highest legal interest rate for a car loan?


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what is the highest interest rate a car dealer can charge on an auto loan in sc?


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The usury rate is 5% in Wisconsin but, unfortunately auto loans are exempt from the law Wis. Statutes 138.06

The loan whose interest rate is low is called low interest loan. If you got a unsecured loan @ low interest rate then it would be low interest loan for you.

A fixed rate mortgage is a loan with an interest rate that does not change over time. Whatever the interest rate is when the loan is taken out, will be the interest rate for the entire duration of the loan.

Typically, home loans have the lowest interest rate. Credit cards and Pay Day loans usually have the highest interest rates.

contact your State Attorney Generals office

The average interest rate on a motorcycle loan is 100000

IOWA, the legal rate of interest is 10%. In general consumer transactions are governed at a maximum rate of 12%.

The rules are that the legal rate and judgment rate of interest is 10%. The general usury limit is 24%, or four points above the average prime loan rate, WHICHEVER IS LESS.

Interest rates change on a daily basis, so there is no legal interest rate. If you mean predatory lending then google this subject matter and speak to a professional about this situation. There is a max that a Mortgage Banker or Loan Officer can give you when it comes to interest rate quotes.

Usury laws provide that interest rates charged on any loan may not exceed 25% As high as the lender wishes it to be.

Unsecured loans to high-risk creditors for dubious purposes.

There isn't a set interest rate. Call your loan servicer for this information.

It's a very high interest rate but not illegal. A rate this high will give you an incentive to pay it back quickly.

There are many variables that factor into the interest rate of a loan. For instance, the interest rate on a loan below $100,000 is actually higher than that on a loan over $100,000. Expect an interest rate between 7-9%.

An inexpensive loan is one with a 0.12 percent interest rate. A medium price loan would be about a 6.5 percent interest rate. Lastly, an expensive loan would be one with an interest rate of 15 percent or more.

In a fixed interest rate loan the rate of interest around the loan billed through the bank is constant within the tenure from the loan. You need to choose a fixed interest rate only when you are feeling the interest rate prevailing on the market have touched very cheap and also the rates are only able to move upwards.

A Notice of Loan Interest Due is a legal document letting a borrower know that they will owe interest as a result of undertaking a loan. These notices generally provide the amount of principal/amount borrowed, the term for which the loan will be taken and the annual percentage rate incurred. Notices of loan interest provide a legal "announcement" to the borrower such that if they choose not to pay the interest, the lender has a better chance to win a civil judgment agains the borrower.

what is the currnet rate of personel loan intrest

I called the Kia of Monroe, NC dealership (today) and was told that the highest rate is 22%.

an individual borrowed 5,000 forf 80 days and paid 100 in interest what was the rate of the loan use ordinary interest

interest rate for jewell loan

Calculating the interest rate on a loan isn't that difficult. A person will need to take the principal amount and multiply it by the term of the loan and the annual percentage rate.

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