What is the highest level of education?

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The highest educational attainment in terms of a degree is a doctorate. There are two level of doctorates. Research doctorates and professional doctores which are equivalent to master's level degrees plus an internship. The highest doctorate is the Ph.D. which is immediately followed by other doctorates which require around 20 credits less such as DBA, EdD, etc. In most of the world Physicians and Lawyers receive a Bachellor's level degree as a first degree. Nevertheless, in the United States colloquial use of doctor for physicians was used as an excuse to make it a graduate degree leading to an MD. It should be noted that the MD is not a doctorate in the academic sense. The same is true of the JD, the DDS and other such "professional degrees". A clear indication that this is so is that holders of first professional degrees cannot use them as doctorates in Europe without further studies. MDs and DDS are qualified to practice their professional but are technically not qualified to do research. A clear proof of this is that most Nobel Prizes in Medicine are awarded to PhD holders in the Natural Sciences. In summary a doctorate is a degree that directly follows the master's degree and requires about four years of coursework in addition to the defense of a doctoral dissertation.
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What are the highest paid jobs in education?

Answer . Within the school systems, generally the administrators are the highest paid. Otherwise, professors can make a lot of money depending on the school and the subject.

What are the educational levels?

Answer . The first college degree one might obtain after high school is an Associate of Arts, or Associate of Science degree, or a similar Associates degree. This is a two year degree and is frequently offered at community colleges, though four year colleges may also offer associates degrees. An ( Full Answer )

What are the education levels?

The first college degree one might obtain after high school is an Associate of Arts, or Associate of Science degree, or a similar Associates degree. This is a two year degree and is frequently offered at community colleges, though four year colleges may also offer associates degrees. An associate' ( Full Answer )

What is the highest education level did Barack Obama complete?

Barack Obama graduated from Columbia University in New York with a degree in political science, in 1983. In 1991, he received a Doctor of Laws (JD) degree; he graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law School, where he was the first African American president of the Harvard Law Review.

What is the highest level of Digimon?

Normally, It would be Mega, but apperantly, there is a stronger stage:. "Super Ultimate: a level even higher than Mega. Shown in manga V-Tamer and some NDS games, it has appeared in the anime series on certain occasions. Only a few Digimon are at this level, and sometimes they are just classified a ( Full Answer )

What was Cleopatras highest level of education?

The ancients did not have levels of education or grades as we know them. They were educated according to their station in life. Cleopatra, being a royal and heir of her father was well educated in politics and the government of her country. We know she had a natural facility for Semitic languages, b ( Full Answer )

What is the highest level of education a paramedic can receive?

Generally, a high school diploma is required to enter a training program to become an EMT or paramedic. Workers must complete a formal training and certification process.. Education and training. A high school diploma is usually required to enter a formal emergency medical technician training pro ( Full Answer )

Which country has the highest education?

This is an interesting question which probably doesn't have a clear answer. First, the thing in question is highest education level reached, though a better statistic would probably be adult literacy level. On a raw numbers basis it is likely to be India in terms of graduates of tertiary schools. A ( Full Answer )

What degree is highest education?

Typically, the doctorate degree is the highest level of educational attainment. Typically, the doctorate degree is the highest level of educational attainment. Typically, the doctorate degree is the highest level of educational attainment. Typically, the doctorate degree is the highest level of e ( Full Answer )

The highest level is a magickarp level 90?

I'm not surewhat you mean, but you can stop Magikarp's lvl.20 evolution into Gyarados by hving it hold an Everstone, which can be found underground.. Hope this helps...Sort of. :D-emoticon

What is O level and A level education?

The" General Certificate of Education 'Ordinary' Level Examination ", otherwise known as the " GCE 'O' Level " or the " O Levels " is the examination taken by students of Secondary Education in the United Kingdom, Commonwealth countries or regions associated with the British curriculum. The " GCE ( Full Answer )

Country with highest education standards?

I'd say Japan based on the information presented by anthropology professor. They even give kids homework during summer vacation so they won't "fall behind". Response answer: In South Korea, kids do homework during summer vacation 3 times as hard to not fall behind. They do it so much by themselve ( Full Answer )

What is the highest education of Katrina Kaif?

i think may be high school coz she is doing modeling sicnce she was 16 and the she never look back and take it as carrer oftion after that she moved to bollywood when she was around 19 and now here she is ....but she feels that she should atleast compleate her graducation of degree.... on the pres ( Full Answer )

What is Lady Gaga highest level of education?

She gained early admission to the New York University's Tisch School of the Arts (which is extremely impressive) but then withdrew in order to pursue her career. So her highest level of education is categorized as "some college/no degree."

What is Guion Bluford's highest level of education?

His highest level of education is a PhD (doctorate). Read the below for his total higher education. He received a BS in aerospace engineering from the Pennsylvania State University in 1964; a MS in aerospace engineering from the Air Force Institute of Technology in 1974; a PhD in aerospace engine ( Full Answer )

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Currently, as on 15th April 2010, the highest ranking person is Don Carlos, level 8,544,214,218, but this is due to a system glitch, however, the system does appear to keep going. Psycho Marquis "Templar Mostert" level 71196 Fearless

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The highest level a character can be in Allods Online at the moment, is 42 . However, according to the Allods Community in North America, a content update is soon to come increasing the level cap to 47 .

The highest level of education in 1935?

The doctorate was in 1935 and still is the highest level of educational attainment. However, there are those who continue to take post doctoral coursework - either independently, or through supervision - particular to a field, and is typically research based.

What is the highest level of education one can get in the chocolate field?

It depends on the position within the field. The highest level of educational attainment is a doctorate. The doctorate would take approximately four years post bachelor's degree to complete. The degree can run up to 60 credits in coursework particular to a specific field of study. The actual length ( Full Answer )

Which mac level has the highest level of security?

all macs have the same level of security but to be extra sequre and encrypt your local hard drive go tosystem_prefererences>security_and_privacy then turn on filevault also to be extra secure restart your computer while holding downalt/option then selct recovery wait for it to start up and thenselec ( Full Answer )

What was the highest level of formal education Reinhard Heyrich hold?

The best information I could find stated that Heydrich took advantage of "free education" offered by the German military after his family was financially ruined after WW1. He was described by others as very intelligent and incredibly determined, but also shy and introverted.

Is level 50 the highest level in skyrim?

No. Player characters can attain Lv81, by getting 100 in every skill tree. Non-player characters can be found with higher levels, it can be shown using console commands on the PC version. Angeir and Miraak display a level of 150, they do not follow the same 'rules' as player character levelling.

What was Reinhard Heydrich Highest Level Education?

His education is unclear, but he was intelligent, had a keen interest in science, and was a talented violinist. He had a strict upbringing and he excelled in his schoolwork at the "Reformgymnasium". He was also talented as an athlete, becoming an expert swimmer and fencer.

At what level runes reach the highest level?

To buy the highest level of Runes (Tier 3), you must reach Level 20. You will be allowed to buy them before your reach this level, but they will not be accessible.

What is the highest level of education for Hitler?

The German/Austrian education system doesn't neatly correlate tothe American system- however, Hitler basically did the equivalentof graduating from public high school. He applied for art schooltwice, but was denied entrance both times.