What is the highest level of romance in sims freeplay?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What is the highest level of romance in sims freeplay?
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What is the highest level of romance in the sims free play?

Getting married.

How do date in sims freeplay?

You have to get to level 7

When is the swimming center built in the sims freeplay?

Level 20

How do you have a baby at level 5 on sims freeplay iPhone?

You cant

How d you get past the marriage stage on sims freeplay?

That is the highest stage avaliable on the game.

Can you have a baby on sims Freeplay?

Yes you can. All you have to do is get engaged then get married and then you at least have to be on level 12.

How can sims have a baby on freeplay?

You have to buy a crib in the nursery section. You have to be in level 10 and you have to be married.

What is the highest relationship status on sims freeplay?

I think it may be Partners, but it wont let me get married or have kids.

Is there nudity in The Sims Freeplay?

There is strictly no nudity in The Sims Freeplay and there will never be for any Sims game or most video games.

How many sims do you get in sims freeplay?


What is The Sims freeplay?

a free version of sims

How can you get the sims freeplay on windows surface rt?

You can browse or download The Sims FreePlay, certified for Windows Phone.