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What is the highest mountain in the world that has not yet been climbed?


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Gangkhar Puensum is the highest mountain in Bhutan and the highest unclimbed mountain in the world with an elevation of 7570 metres and a prominence of over 2990 metres. After Bhutan was opened for mountaineering in 1983 there were four expeditions that made failed summit attempts in 1985 and 1986. However, in 1998, a team from Tibet successfully climbed a subsidiary peak of the mountain. Gangkhar Puensum, alternative transliteration Gangkar Punsum or Gankar Punzum, (meaning 3 mountain siblings"), had its altitude first measured in 1922, but maps of the region are not at all accurate and the mountain is shown in different locations and with markedly different heights. Indeed, because of inadequate mapping, the first team to attempt the summit was unable to find the mountain at all. The book of the 1986 British expedition gives the mountain's height as 24,770 feet and states that Gangkhar Puensum is completely inside Bhutan whereas the nearby Kula Kangri is completely inside Tibet. Kula Kangri, 7554 metres, is a separate mountain 30 km to the northeast, which was first climbed in 1986. It is variously mapped and described as being in Tibet or Bhutan. Since 1994, climbing of mountains in Bhutan higher than 6000 metres has been prohibited out of respect for local spiritual beliefs and since 2003, mountaineering has been forbidden completely. Gangkhar Puensum may keep its unique status for some time: any higher unclimbed peaks in the world are likely to be subsidiary tops, not separate mountains. In 1998, a Japanese expedition secured permission from the Chinese Mountaineering Association to climb the mountain but permission was withdrawn because of a political issue with Bhutan. Instead, the team set off in 1999 from Tibet and successfully climbed the 7535 metre subsidiary peak, Liankang Kangri (also known as Gangkhar Puensum North). Unlike most maps, the expedition's report shows this summit as being in Tibet and the Tibet-Bhutan border is shown crossing the summit of Gangkhar Puensum, described as "the highest peak in Bhutan", at 7570 metres. This elevation is supported by Japanese sources which are in turn based on Chinese sources. It has not been surveyed by Bhutan.


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Because he had already climbed the highest peak in New Zealand, and Everest was the world's highest mountain, as yet unconquered. If Hillary climbed it he would become the first explorer to have been to both North and South poles and the highest mountain. As we know -he did it.

During the climbing season of 2013 there has been 661 people climb and reach the summit of Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world.

Up to the end of 2015 there has been 93 Australian climbers who have reached the summit of the worlds highest mountain, Mount Everest.

During the climbing season in 2005 there had been 307 climbers reach the summit of the worlds highest mountain, Mount Everest.

Up to the end of 2014 there has been 193 ascents to the summit of Mount Everest without oxygen. Not very many when you consider that there has been around 5,000 people who have reached the summit of the highest mountain in the world.

Mount Everest has been a famous mountain from when it was relized it was the highest mountain in the world. This was recorded in 1852.

Yes, there have been a few hundred woman climb Mount Everest.On the 16th 1975 May Junko Tabei from Japan became the first woman to reach the summit of the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest.

K2 Mountain is located in the Karakorum Range.Nanga Parbat is 8,126 meters high and is one of the most challenging mountains in the world to climb.Gasherbrum is a remote group of high peaks in the karakoram, located at the northeast end of the 36-mile Baltoro.Broad Peak, the 12th highest mountain in the world at 8051 meters, is located in the Karakoram Range in Northeastern Pakistan.Gasherbrum II is the 5th highest peak of Pakistan, and the thirteenth highest peak in the world.Gasherbrum III is located far away into the wilderness and for this reason, it only has been climbed twice.Distaghil Sar is the 8th highest mountain in pakistan with the height of 7885 meters.Kunyang Chhish: At 7852 meters high, Kunyang Chhish is the 21st highest mountain in the world, and is the 9th highest mountain in Pakistan.Masherbrum: It is located in the Gilgit Baltistan of Pakistan and it is also known as K1.

mont Everest is always been the highest mountain

The highest point that has been reached on Mount Everest is the summit.

The alps have been climbed at least few million times, it's great for tourism.

During the climbing season on Mount Everest in 2016 there had been 641 climbers reach the highest summit in the world.

By the end of 2008 there had been a total of 4,117 climbers reach the highest summit in the world, Mount Everest.

The highest mountain on the mainland of Australia is Mt Kosciuszko, with an elevation of 2228m (some sources say 2229m) high. The second highest peak on the Australian mainland is Mt Townsend, the elevation of which is 2209m. Therefore, the tallest mountain is 21m (or 20m) higher than the second highest mountain. Polish explorer Paul Edmund de Strzelecki discovered and climbed both peaks in 1840. He first climbed Mt Townsend, believing it to be the highest peak in the Australian Alps. Using his numerous geological instruments, Strzelecki determined that another peak was higher, and climbed Mt Kosciuszko. Because of this discrepancy, it has never been truly determined whether Strzelecki's naming of the peaks was actually the other way around. There is some evidence to suggest that the New South Wales Lands Department changed the names of the peaks around, in accordance with Strzelecki's desire to name the highest peak after Polish patriot, Tadeusz Kosciuszko.

The answer to that question is a yes. Multiple individuals have ascended the mountain which is nearly thirty thousand feet tall and is the highest mountain in the world. Several people have accomplished the summit of Mt. Everest. The first person to reach the top was, Sir Edmund Hillary. Around 5,000 people from all over the world have reached the summit of Mount Everest to date.

That question has not been revealed YET. All they know is the HIGHEST, COLDEST, LOWEST, and ROCKIEST mountains in the world. Scientists have not discovered that yet.

K2 is the second highest mountain in Asia and the world. Its elevation is 8,611 m (28,251 ft).K2 is on the north of Pakistan,K2 is the second-highest mountain on Earth after Mount Everest. With a peak elevation of 8,611 metres (28,251 ft), K2 is part of the Karakoram Range, and is located on the border between the Taxkorgan Tajik Autonomous County of Xinjiang, China, and Gilgit, in Gilgit-Baltistan of Pakistan-administered Kashmir.K2 is known as the Savage Mountain due to the difficulty of ascent and the 2nd highest fatality rate among the "eight thousanders" for those who climb it. For every four people who have reached the summit, one has died trying. Unlike Annapurna, the mountain with the highest fatality rate, K2 has never been climbed in winter.It's called K2 and it's in the same general area as Mt Everest. It's usually held to be technically harder to climb than Everest, as it has more steep passages.k2K2 is the second highest 'separarte mountain' in the world. The second highest mountain peak is the south summit of Mount Everest, at 8750 metres, which beats K2 by almost 140m.According to Columbia Encyclopedia, "K2" in Northern Kashmir, on the China-Pakistan border, is the second-highest mountain peak in the world -- at a height of 8,611 meters above sea level.To read more about "K2," see the Related Link.K2 is the second-highest mountain in the world.

Mount Everest first attracted interest in 1847 when it was suspected of being the world's highest mountain. This was confirmed in 1849. Prior to this it had probably been known to the natives but did not attract particular attention. It was first successfully climbed (not discovered) in 1953.

it has been climbed 852 times and one of them was natalie portman and benjiman millipead but he sliped. another person who climbed it was a rapised but he died

It is considered to be sacred - abode of Hindu deity Lord Shiva by the loacls and is thus off limits to the climbers.

There is some confusion over this, as there is a point in the Mafinga Hills which is the highest point in Zambia. It has been referred to by different names.

Since Mount Everest was first climbed in 1953 by Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay there have been around 5,000 people from all over the world have reached the summit to date.

There was a group of friends that climbed a mountain in Russia. A man who lived next to the mountain claimed to have seen strange lights coming from the mountain. the local officials climbed the mountain when the group hadn't returned. they found all men missing limbs and clothes. the group was in only their underwear. the tent was cut and there were high levels of radioactivity on the all cloths.the men were also missing their tongues. they were all dead and no one knew why.

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