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The highest number of years you can have a C.P. membership card is 1 year.

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You know i am on club penguin! And i dont have a gift card number. Soo...

An unused club penguin card number is 4204-5677-8162-8503.

no.i think the highest is 11.

Club Penguin certificate card numbers are only for those who have bought cards. If you would like to know a certificate card number I suggest you buy a certificate card.

The number on a Club Penguin gift card is only for the use of the person who bought or received the card. If you would like to purchase a Club Penguin gift card try Walmart, Toysrus, or Target.

No, as Club Penguin does not allow you to speak numbers, then you could not possibly tell them a card number. Although you could say the number in words, and this would work.

It is the number that grants you membership and allows access to the site.

You have to buy a Club Penguin video game and it will come with a card. Enter the card number into the unlock items box.

the 16 digit number along the center bottom of the card

You can either buy a Club Penguin membership card at almost any retail store, or, enter you or your parent's credit-card number. (with their permission)

Here They are: Series 1: Club Penguin Trading Card Game Series 2: Club Penguin Card Jitsu Series 3: Club Penguin Card Jitsu Fire Series 4: Club Penguin Card Jitsu Water Series 5: Club Penguin Card Jitsu Second Wave Series 6: Club Penguin Card Jitsu Snow Series 7: Club Penguin Card Jitsu Shadow

You buy one as a gift card at your local department store, or use your credit card online.

The highest card is the King.

A club penguin member number comes on the membership card at the store. You will need to scrap the gray stuff off the number to be able to see it so that you can enter it on their site.

the highest price for a baseball card is the snuff honus Wagner card it is also the highest sports card

there is not a club penguin card in Indonesia any more. but there used to be!!

A pin number is a code on your membership card that you have to activate.Sometimes you can't find the pin number because you didn't scratch a GREY thing(not you).

Club Penguin Card Jitsu codes are to be kept to yourself.

bad club penguin has no codes for it yet

i doubt people will give you the numbers. or they will give you the used number.

None, the highest number card is 10.

no because I used it. don't worry it can be bought!