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What is the highest paid job?

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it is a surgeon

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Highest paid job?


Highest paid hospital job?


Highest paid job in the UK?


What job is highest paid in India?


What is the highest paid sports job?


What is the highest paid job in the RAF?

The highest paid job in the Royal Air Force is clearly the highest rank. The highest rank in the RAF is Marshal of The Royal Air Force. Which is the equivalent of an Admiral for the navy.

What is the highest paid nurse job?

A nurse anesthetist is probably the highest pay.

What is the highest paid engineer job?

Design Field

What is the highest paid job in Tokyo?

fish bar

What is the highest paid job in health-care?


What is the most highest paid job in America?

CEO of Microsoft

What is the highest paid job in North Dakota?

The highest paid job in North Dakota can be found in the oilfields. You can make around $1.600 a week. An average annual salary is around $77.000. This excludes bonus.

What is the highest paid job ever?

there hasn't been the highest payin job decided yet but try to find the answer an you might earn somethinType your answer here...

What are some of the highest paid virtual assistant jobs?

The highest paid virtual assistant job is for accounting, they can make around 50,000 a year. The next highest paid are real estate, executive support, editing, and medical transcriptionist.

Who is the highest paid referee in the NFL?

The referees in an NFL game have a very difficult job in calling the game they are assigned to. The highest paid among the referees is unknown.

Highest paid mechanics job?

Heavy duty ones in fort mcmurray

What is the highest paid job you can get with no post-secondary education?

probably sports

What do you get for achiving level 8 on Howrse?

you get to become a saddler (the highest paid job)

What is the highest paid job in the US for 2010?

big name sports player?

What is the highest paying job in the field of psychology?

Industrial/Organizational Psychologists get paid the highest. Especially when working in the private sector.

Highest paying jobs in the medical field?

The highest paid job currently in the medical field is Radiology. Other high paid jobs are Thoracic Surgeons and Brain Surgeons.

Highest paid job in world?

Look at the richest men in the world, they're investors.

How much money do armored truck drivers make?

highest paid truckdriver job

What job is high in pay and has to do with animals?

One of the highest paid and most common job working with animals is to become a vet.

What is the highest paid job in japan?

The highest paying job in Japan would be a Project Manager. Project management receives an average monthly salary of around 700,000 JPY.

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