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A lot will depend on your experience (work, on-the-job, education etc.) You should also consider what types of activities you enjoy and work from there. You may wish to register at a career website like, or the like. It's free, and you can then search for employers out there that are looking for someone with your skills and experience! Good luck!

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What is the highest degree in college you can earn?

The highest degree you can earn in college is a Doctorate.

How can I buy college degree?

What is the highest degree in college you can earn. The highest degree you can earn in college is a Doctorate. In order what are the levels of college degrees that you can find.

What is the highest degree?

If you mean college a Doctorate is the highest degree you can get. I have a Ph.D and have 10.5 years of college. Took me 4 years to get the degree and I had to write a dissertation to finish the degree.

What is the highest honored college degree you can receive?

One such degree is a doctorate. Typically, it is the highest in educational attainment.

What is the highest degree you can achieve in college?

The highest degree awarded by colleges is the Doctorate, also known as a PhD.

Can you get a teaching certificate without a degree?

No. It requires a college degree.

Which online college has the highest graduate rate for a criminal justice degree?

Centura college

What is the highest degree you can receive at a small college?

70 degrees

What is the highest degree you can get in college?

Typically a doctoral degree, such as Doctor of Philosopy, Doctor of Divinity, etc.

What are the college degree ranks?

It starts with the lowest level of an Associate Degree, then a Bachelors Degree, then a Masters Degree and at the highest level a Doctorate.

What is the rank of degrees for college?

The common levels of college and university degrees are as follows. * Associate degree * Bachelor degree * Master degree * Doctorate degree (highest level of educational attainment)

What is higher a masters or doctoral?

The highest is postdoctoral or a Ph.D degree. The second highest is masters degree. Both are called 'graduate' studies. The lowest level is the bachelor's degree or your 'undergraduate degree' in college.

What is the highest degree in college?

The highest degree is a doctor of a subject. Post-doctorate simply means work or study done in the subject after a doctorate has been awarded, but it is not a degree in itself.

What is the highest college degree for a cosmetologist?

This is not typically a college or university degree program. The most prevalent schools offering this program are vocational schools.

Can I find a good job without a college degree?

Most people without a college degree go to factories to work. If college is not for you then you could also try an apprenticeship to get into a career.

What is the highest paying job that does that does not require a college degree?

stunt junkie

What is the highest degree you can get in college for a marine biology?

A PHD. aka a Doctorate.

Who was the last United States president without a college degree?

The last president without a college degree, was Democratic President Harry S. Truman.

Difference of bachelor's degree to a college degree?

A bachelor's degree is a college and/or university degree. The common degree types for colleges and/or universities are as follows.Degree TypesAssociatebachelormasterDoctorate (highest level of educational attainment)

What is the highest degree you can get in Music Performance?

Usually, the highest degree you can get in anything is a Professor's degree. Meaning you now have the ability to become a college professor. So, you would be a Music Performance Professor.

Who was the most recent president that did not have a college degree?

Harry Truman was the most recent president without a college degree.

Can you go to vet school without a college degree?

In the United States, yes you can be accepted to a college of veterinary medicine without having an undergraduate college degree. However, this is becoming more rare.

What does the phrase ''without a sheepskin'' mean?

The "sheepskin" refers to a college degree, so "without a sheepskin" refers to without a college degree. Many years ago, college diplomas were printed on certficates made from sheepskin.

Can you coach college football without a degree?

Hell no

Can you be successful in life even without a college degree?

Yes you can be successful in life without a college degree because you can still be able to find jobs that have a good pay

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