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What is the highest scoring high school basketball game ever?

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302 to 4

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Highest scoring middle school basketball game ever?

Hilsman Middle School in Athens Ga. 70-25

What college mens basketball team has scored the most points in a season?

the highest scoring college basketball team ever

Who is the highest scoring kicker in the NFL?

Morten Andersen with 2544 and is also the highest scoring player of any position ever

What is the highest recorded score for a basketball game?

the nba's highest scoring game ever was the 184-186 Detroit vs denver game, Detroit able to get the win in triple overtime!!!!!!!!!!!

What was the Highest score ever in a college basketball game?

In the NCAA Division I tournament, the highest scoring game was Loyola Marymount over Michigan, 149-115, in the 2nd round in 1990.

What is the highest scoring college basketball game ever?

On January 12, 1992, Troy defeated DeVry University (Atlanta) by the score of 258-141

What is the highest scoring lacrosse game ever?


What was the second highest scoring baseball game ever?

The second highest scoring baseball game ever was the Chicago/Philadelphia on August 25, 1922 with a final score of 26-23.

What is the highest scoring Olympic Hockey game ever?


What is the Lowest scoring basketball game ever?

The lowest scoring game was ever recorded was 0-0 in Alabama vs Colorado the refferies called it a game after 56 overtimes High school vermont boys basketball: The Fairfax Bullets won the game 5-2 against there rivals the Milton Yellow Jackets

What is the Highest attended High school basketball game ever in the US?

The Ohio state championship with Akron and lebron

What is the highest scoring pro basketball final game in history?

I am not sure what you mean, but the highest score ever scored in nba were Detroit Pistons 186 def Denver Nuggets 184 in two OT Year 1983

Who was the only basketball player ever to win ncaa aba and nba scoring title?

No player ever won an National Collegiate Athletic Association scoring title, American Basketball Association scoring title, and National Basketball Association scoring title. ABA (1967-1976) scoring title winners were Connie Hawkins, Larry Jones, Spencer Haywood, Dan Issel, Charlie Scott, Julius Erving (three times), and George McGinnis. None of those players ever won a scoring title in the NBA.

Has any basketball team ever kept another team from scoring the entire game?


What was the highest scoring nba all-star game ever?


What is the highest scoring football game ever?

0-0 Raiders vs. Bills

What is the highest scoring NFL play-off game ever?

40 is up to it

What is the highest scoring nhl all-star game ever?

it was 9 8

What is the highest ever scoring rugby league game?

86 Lebanon - Italy 0

What was the highest scoring AHL hockey game ever?

The highest scoring AHL game occurred on Mar. 17, 1945 when the Cleveland Barons beat the Pittsburgh Hornets by a score of 12-10.

What was the highest basketball score ever?

Detroit pistons 186

What is the highest score ever made in basketball in one?


What is the highest ever score in fencing?

The highest-scoring fencing bout that fencers fence to is a Direct Elimination bout, which goes to 15.

Where can you find a video of the highest scoring NBA game ever?

On Youtube is where that video could be found.

Who is the highest scoring nba player ever?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, with 38,387 career points

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