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In New York City, the snowiest February was 2010 when 36.9" fell.

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What is the record for the most snowfall in Rochester New York in one month?

February 1958 recorded 64.8".

What is the most snowfall in New York for a month?

The highest was 36.9" in February 2010, followed by 36.0" in January 2011.

What month has the most snowfall in iceland?

December - February

What is the average snowfall for the month of February in Boston?


Which state had the greatest snowfall recorded in one month?


What is the average first snowfall in Salt Lake City?

The first snowfall of the season is usually recorded in October, although significant snowfall usually does not occur until mid-to-late November. However, snow has been recorded in every month of the year in the mountains.

What is the February 2012 snow totals for Edmonton Alberta?

There was 21.2cm of snowfall in Edmonton for the month of February in 2012 (as measured at the Edmonton International Airport).

Can you find Snow fall in manali in the month of November?

NO- snowfall comes in Late Dec. to Last week of February.

What year and month did not have a full moon?

The only month in recorded history to not have a full moon occurred in February 1865.

Is it normal to snow in February in north carolina?

Feb averages more snowfall than any other month in NC, though it doesn't snow every February.

What are the snowfall averages by month in Maine?

Obviously this varies greatly across the state. The related link breaks down average snowfall by month for Portland and Caribou.

What is the average snowfall for the month of January in Boston?


How many times has it snowed in Tucson Arizona?

Snowfall is a routine weather event with an annual average snowfall of 0.7 inches per year, which usually comes as a light dusting that is gone within hours. The most snowfall in a single year was 7.2 inches in 1987 and the most snowfall recorded in a single month was 6.0 inches during January of 1898 and in March of 1922. By comparison Denver gets 61.0 inches of snowfall every year.

What is the average rain fall in Russia?

The average rainfall in Russia is about 48 inches per month. The month with the highest rainfall is July and the month with the least is February.

What is the only month that can ever have no recorded full moon?

February as rotation is calculated at 28.3 days.

What month is February in?

February is a month, so it is in February.

What month is after february?


When does New York City get the most snow?

According to the Wikipedia page for New York City, February is the snowiest month, with an average snowfall of 8.4 inches (21.3 centimeters), but January is a pretty close second, with an average snowfall of 7.5 inches (19.1 centimeters).

Wisconsin has never had a tornado in what month?

Since official record keeping began in 1950 there have been no recorded tornadoes in Wisconsin in the month of February. This should be taken with a grain of salt however, as Winsconsin could easily have had in February before 1950, or could have had a weak tornado that was never recorded.

What was Mississippi recorded high temperature for the month of August?

The highest temperature recorded in Mississippi during August is 111 degrees Fahrenheit. This record high was recorded on August 4, 1998 at Greenwood, Mississippi.

What is the average snowfall for the month of January in philadelphia?

6.1" Source: NCDC

Which month is the only month in history not recorded as having a full moon?

February is the only month that can miss a moon phase.One complete cycle of lunar phases runs 29 days and a fraction.Any month longer than that must have every phase in it.The only month shorter than that is February.

What is the most tornadoes ever recorded in one month in the US?

The highest number of tornadoes recorded in one month in the U.S. is 758. This record was set in April of 2011, shattering the previous record of 542 set in May of 2003.

How much snow does Alaska average?

Alaska is a huge state with large variations in terrain, so snowfall varies a lot. Snowfall is least in extreme SE Alaska and also on the North Slope where it is too cold for much snow to fall. Snowfall here averages about 25-30 inches annually. Anchorage gets 70.6 inches of snowfall in an average year, and Juneau averages nearly 100 inches. But some of the highest totals occur along the south coast where precipitation is nearly constant in the winter. e.g. Valdez: Average annual snowfall = 325.6 inches Record snowfall = 560.7 inches (1989/90) Thompson Pass (not far north of Valdez) holds the record for the state of Alaska. Record snowfall in Thompson Pass = 974.5 inches Thompson Pass' record in 1 month is 297.9 inches February 1953

What is the climate of Bridgeport Connecticut?

Bridgeport lies within the transition zone of the Humid Subtropical and Humid Continental climates. Summers are very warm and humid, with highs in the low eighties and lows in the mid sixties. Winters are cold and snowy, with highs in the upper thirties and lows in the low twenties. Rain is abundant in every month. The driest month is February with 2.8 inches of rain on average. The wettest month is April with 4.1 inches of rain on average. Snowfall is most abundant in January, with snowfall totals averaging 9.8 inches. Bridgeport's highest temperature is 103 and the lowest is -7.