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race pace

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Q: What is the hink-pink for a running event with a rate of speed?
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How does your running speed affect your pulse rate?

running affects your pulse rate because the more speed you use the more blood your heart pumps all throughout your body.

Does the height of a runner affect the speed of a runner?

Running height has no known affect on speed. Running economy is the most important factor. The more efficient a runner is with stride rate or turnover the faster the runner will be. Heart rate training also plays a big role in speed and efficiency. has inofrmation on what role heart rate plays on speed and endurance.

What exercise increases heart rate most?

running, biking swimming speed walking

What is the data transfer rate of a CD drive running at 52x speed?

7800 kB/s

Why do you breath heavy after running a race?

You breath heavy after running a race because your heart rate speeds up. Your body is working hard to keep up with you and your mind, therefore, causing your heart rate to speed up.

What is the average rate of speed in mile per hour for 2.5 hours of running 20 miles?

8 mph

What tools can specifically maintain your heart rate count for running exercises?

You can maintain your desired heart rate by wearing a heart rate monitor. These are small electronic devices that usually resemble a wrist watch. The heart rate monitor will display your current heart rate and allow you the opportunity to either speed up or slow down your running pace in order to stay within what your desired heart rate is. If you notice your heart rate is getting higher than desired, slow down, and if it is lower than desired, speed up.

What is the normal data rate of a T3 line?

The normal data rate of a standard T3 line should ideally be running at a speed of 44.6 mega bits per second. These are mainly used by businesses as they are wide band and high speed.

Speed is the rate of change in?

Speed is the rate of change in what?

Running on a round track can you pass someone who is walking can you pass them every other lap?

Depending on the rate of speed, it is quite possible to do this.

What does a rate tell you about the speed?

Rate is another word for speed. It is the speed.

What is the rate of respiration in running?

when running your breathing rate becomes very fast

What factors affect the rate at which rocks abrade in running water?

Answer: Age of the rock, and speed of the water moving, hardness of rock, how much rock there is

What are some cardio exercices?

Try running jumping jacks wall climbs on the floor anything that makes your heart rate speed basically

If you ran 13.7 miles in 210 minutes how fast was you running in mph?

Your average speed at that rate of travel was 3.9 mph.

What does a 3.0 GHz processor mean?

3.0 Ghz processor means that the processor is running at the speed rate of 3 billion cycles/second

What happens to your breathing rate after a running race?

your breathing rate increases after a running race

Rate is related to?

Rate can mean speed

How much is the hourly rate for an event photographer?

The hourly rate varies based on a number of factors, including location, the event and what is expected after the event. Most professional event photogs have a standard contract detailing the hourly rate and services that are included. Many photogs charge by the event, instead of by the hour. The rate, either per hour or per event, reflects the cost of living in the area.

Why does heart rate increase after running?

If your heart rate increases AFTER running, there is something wrong and you need to see your doctor. Heart rate increases WHILE you are running, and should start to come down after the running stops.

How do you speed your heart rate up?

I'm sure you know this, but it's because you are running, or exercising, your heart starts beating faster, and then your veins start pumping

What is normal heart rate with movement?

the heart beats approximatively100 times when running or jogging when you swim it beats the same amount but stronger movement increase the speed

Difference between uniform velocity and constant velocity?

The body can be said to be moving with steady speed in the event that it goes on a straight way with consistent rate. At the point when a body performs movement with uniform speed, size of the speed will stay same yet course may change.

Is acceleration defined as the rate of change of position?

No, that would be speed. Acceleration is the rate of change of speed.

What is the definition for speed?

Speed is the term that defines the rate of which something (car , flight , running man , .... ) is displaced per a second. no of meters crossed per a second that is for linear speed , another type of speed is the rotational speed which measures the no of radian angles per second crossed by rotating part ... speed is a scalar measurement. velocity defines the rate of displacement (meters or angles) beside direction in which displacement is taken (vectorial measurement --> magnitude and direction).