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What is the history about basketball?

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The history of basketball starts in 1891, when Dr. James

Naismith, an instructor at the Springfield Young Men's Christian

Association Training School, created the game so that his students

wouldn't become bored through the long and frozen winter. Naismith

nailed two peach baskets to the balcony inside of the gym, then

grabbed the nearest soccer ball he could find, and created the

first 9 rules of basketball. And so the sport of basketball was

born. Then in less than 50 years later, in 1946 the BAA (basketball

association of america) was formed. There was 11 original teams,

split into the east and the west. The BAA was later changed into

the name we all know today, the NBA. After that, there were more

teams that got added and the rest went on.

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