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History of Veeramanuvar Veeramamunivar is a catholic priest, Born at Castiglione in the Venetian Republic, 1680; died at Manapar c. 1746. He entered the Society of Jesus in 1698, and went to the Mandura mission in 1710, He composed a grammar of High Tamil, and was the first to write a grammar of Low Tamil (the common dialect) which still remains the foundation of scientific Tamil philology. He is also the complier of several Tamil dictionaries, among them the quadruple lexicon containing words, synonyms, categories of words, and rhymes; a Tamil-Latin and Latin-Tamil-Portuguese dictionary. He wrote several ascetical books in Tamil, especially doctrinal instructions for the use of the native catechists; also controversial tracts against the Danish Lutheran missionaries who sought to gain a foothold in the Mandura Mission. Beschi is, however, best known as a Tamil poet. In a poem of 1100 stanzas, "Kittêri ammalle saritiram" he sings the praises of the martyr St. Quiteria (not St. Catherine, as some writers have mistakenly asserted). His greatest poetical work is the "Tembavani" (The Unfading Garland), one of the Tamil classics. IdeologyHis ideology is same as Catholicism. He is a true catholic priest in all sense. He is one of the key founders of Catholicism in Tamilnadu today. He has adopted Catholicism to the local tradition and customs of the people in Tamilnadu. He has built various churches in Tamilnadu one of that includes Poondi Matha Shrine. He is a brave and courageous Catholic Priest. He has won many debates and was no doubt one of the best catholic priests in India. With best regards, Jeyaseelan.J

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Q: What is the history and ideology of veeramamunivar?
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