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Deutsche Werke PistolsDeutsche Werke Aktiengesellschaft is the company that produced the pistol in Erfurt Germany in the 1920s. The pistol is commonly called an "Ortgies" vest pocket pistol after its original designer. These pistols were offered in .25ACP (6.35mm), .32ACP (7.65mm), and some in .380 (9mm Kurtz). They are not very valuable or rare. Judging only from a photo published in the American Rifleman these pistols may be the same as ERMA pistols, incorporated in Germany in 1949 and beginning imports to the 1960. Mine has 'Germany'stamped under the deutsche markings, and may have been imported in the 1930's.

You can check or to get an idea on current asking prices. The models in 380 bring the most as most were made in 25 or 32. Asking prices & selling prices may be very different.

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According to gun history expert Ian McCullum, this was only produced from 1919 to 1923, and production was split by a corporate acquisition.
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don't know.

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Q: What is the history and value of Deutsche Werke Aktiengesellschaft A-Werk Erfurt pistols?
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How do break down a deutsche werk erfurt?

You need a gunsmith

What is the Deutsche werke werk erfurt 7.65mm?

32 ACP handgun

Value of a Deutsche Werke Werk Erfurt 6.35 mm pistol?


What is the value of a Deutsche Werke Werk Erfurt 6.35 Semi?

25-75 USD

What is the assembly and disassembly order of the deutsche werke-werk erfurt 7.65?

A gunsmith can help.

What is the value of Ortgies -deutsche werke erfurt 380 auto?

50-156 USD or so

How reliable is a Deutsche Werke Erfurt 7.65mm?

If in proper mechanical shape and using qaulity ammunition, it is fine.

How old is my deutsche werke .25 cal pistol?

How old is my deutsche werke .25 cal pistol?cal.6.35m/m (on barrel) with stamp of N and a "symbol." ortgies' patent. deutsche werke aktiengesellschaft, werk erfurt (on left side of slide)N and a "symbol" (on right side of slide) matched same N and "symbol" (on right side of frame). (N and symbols match barrel).OH (inter-twined) metal stamp (on wood grips)Germany (on top of serial number underside of slide in front of triggerguard) 147, yes 147Thank you in advance for any help.

What is the history of the Deutsche Werk Werk Erfurt single shot 22 rifle?

when was the Deutsche werk werk erfurt 22 single made and what is the worth? I was told by a gunsmith that they were made sometime after WW1 for export to improve the trade balance for germany. They were mass produced and sold cheaply. They mostly have sentimental value. It was the first gun I ever fired when I was 6 years old. I still have it and am now aged 69.

What is the value of the 32 caliber deutsche werke werk erfurt hand gun?

0-100 USD or so

What is the value of a deutsche werke werk erfurt 6.35 cal auto handgun worth?

5-100 dollars

What is the value of a deutsche werke werk erfurt 635 cal auto handgun worth?

50-250 usd

What is the age of a Deutsche Werke Werk Erfurt single shot 22?

Impossible to answer without a detailed description of ALL marks.

Deutsche werke-werk erfurt 9MM?

What would you like to know about this pistol? I've done quite a bit of research on these.

What years was the 7.65mm deutsche werk werk erfurt manufactured?

Can't tell from the information you gave- which is that you have a .32 ACP caliber pistol made in Erfurt Germany. But if you have a DWM (Deutsche Werk und Munitionsfabriken) Pocket Automatic (similar to the FN Browning Model 1910) they were made from ABOUT 1921-1931. In good condition, about a $450-$500 pistol.

When did the Deutsche Werke Erfurt make 9 mm rifles?

world war 1 1910. world war 1 1910.

Deutsche werke shotguns 9mm single shot?

That little shotgun was made by Deutsche Werke, a German company that had operations in Kiel, Berlin, and Erfurt. The Erfurt plant made the shotgun and a youth 22 rifle with the same loading and firing mechanism. They were more famous for making the Ortgies pocket pistol, a semi-automatic in various calibers. These arms were made from 1919 until some time in the 1930s. The pistols can be found regularly on the online auctions, and the 22 rifles less often. The shotguns are even rarer, but not of great value. I saw two offered online in the past couple of years, and the price was around $250 - $450.

What is the current value of a deutsche werke werk erfurt model 1 Germany 22 lr youth rifle?

10-100 USD or so

What has the author Joachim Kurt written?

Joachim Kurt has written: 'Die Geschichte der Kartause Erfurt, Montis Sancti Salvatoris, 1372-1803' -- subject(s): Church history, History, Kartause Erfurt

What is your Deutsche Werke Werk Erfurt single shot 22 5.4 mm 22 cal long rifle worht?

50-1000 USD or so depending on specifics

What is the value of a Deutsche Werke Werk Erfurt single shot 22?

Your DW is worth $150 in absolutely mint shape to a collector. They were poorly crafted firearms and the cocking mechanism was prone to early wear.

Where can you get a clip for your deutsche werke werk erfurt hand gun?

Gun shop or gun show. But first you will need to determine the exact model of your handgun and caliber. By the way, correct name is a magazine, not a clip.

What is a Luger Erfurt World War 1 Rifle worth?

it is either a erfurt pistol or an Erfurt rifle, which ???

Can you tell me how much a 1915 erfurt 8mm rifle is worth?

A 1915 Erfurt 8mm rifle is worth between $200 and $2,000 depending on its condition. The actual value varies based on individual sellers and the history of the rifle.

When was Principality of Erfurt created?

Principality of Erfurt was created in 1806.

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