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your shotgun was made by high standard. high standard went out of business in 1984 due to some poor choices and poorer management. they are most noted for the .22 auto-loading pistols. they made a good solid firearm meant to last a lifetime or two. unfortunately there is no real interest in any other high standards than the pistols. it is a good shotgun that will serve you well in the field or home. thanks good luck

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Q: What is the history and value of a JC Higgins model 20 12-gauge shotgun in fair condition?
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What is the age of a J.C. Higgins 12 gauge Model 101.1?

When was the J.C. Higgins Model 101.0 12Gauge Shotgun Made

What is value of 1989 a5 browning 12gauge shotgun excellent condition?

330-500 dollars,depending on the overall condition of your shotgun,and a good bore.

What is the value of a glenfield model 50 12gauge shotgun?

It is worth $75 to $135 depending on condition.

What is the value of a Marlin pump 12gauge model 43 shotgun?

If it shoots, $75-$450 depending on condition.

When was the JC Higgins pump shotgun 20-12gauge sears roebuck and co 583.200 2 3 4 chamber made and vaule?

I guess the gun was made about 50 yrs ago

What is the value1915 12gauge double barrel shotgun serial?

No way to answer without knowing who made it, all features and condition.

What is the value of a Jc Higgins 12 Gauge Shotgun?

50-150 USD depending on condition.

What is a pointer 12gauge shotgun worth made in turkey?


What is the value of a 410 gauge sears roebuck jc Higgins model 101 shotgun?

The value of the 410 Sears and Roebuck JC Higgins Model 101 shotgun varies greatly with its condition. In excellent condition the gun retails for about 250 dollars or so.

What is a JC Higgins 20 gauge shotgun model 583.19 worth?

$75 to $125, depending on condition.

Double barrell rabbit ears wh hamilton shotgun 12gauge cast steel barrel what is it worth?

It all depends on condition. $150-300

What is the value of JC Higgins 12 gauge pump shotgun model 20-1264 583.55?

The JC Higgins 12 gauge pump action shotgun, model 20-1264 583.55 is valued at $175 in excellent condition. In fair condition, it is valued at $90.

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