What is the history and value of a Model 60 22 rifle?

You did not specify the MAKE, only the model. The Marlin Model 60 is one of the most popular .22 rifles made, in production since 1960. A new one sells for about $175.

I wish I had more information. I received mine when I was around 7 years old and at 51 now it still is one of the best shooting 22 single shots I have.

I did over the years find this info. Winchester only made this series of rifle for only a few years and then the design was sold to Savage Arms! The last I checked was when I went to buy 22's for my young sons and I found that Savage still was making their version of this rifle! Still a single shot, stock is thicker and heavier, barrel is a little longer( about 3 inches), bolt is over twice as long and the 60-22, but still a good shooter.

Only comment I have is I wish Winchester still made the lighter version! It has been a relible and trustworthy 22! And should the need arrise, and I or my family had to rely on it to survive if lost in the woods! it would more than work and work well..

Simply a GREAT basic 22 rifle.

Answer , last Sunday my grandfather gave me my great-great-uncles model 60-.22. he says that's over 120 years old, and that he got it when he was 14 like me. its a nice light gun, with a thick barrel and is as simple as a hinge action gun. i cleaned it up, then i took it outside and fired it at a bottle 50 yards away and nailed it. it is a dependable,but simple rifle that shoots like its brand new.I think that it would be worth a lot if its that old and still in good condition.

Answer - I'm sure your grandfather has confused this gun with your great-great-uncle's other gun. The Model 60 was not manufactured until 1931, so it could only be 75 years old.

Answer - Thanks. my grandpappy is a confused old man. i would like to know whats the price of it.its been used for hunting {every gun under 100 years old is used for huntin in my family}so it has a few scratches and knickson the stock, and the barrel has a little layer of rust on it. i just want to know the price of it, it deosnt really effect me if you say that its a peice of crap. its main peorpous is for huntin and it will keep huntin. thanks alot, Dave

Answer - Well, it's not worthless, but nothing to excite collectors, so no big money. A collector who specialized in "Boy's Rifles" would probably like to get one in 100% new condition, but would expect to get it for $315-$350. Well used but still working it should be worth $110-$135.