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The Winchester model 67, manufactured between 1937 and 1963 is a single-shot, bolt-action, rimfire .22 caliber rifle. The standard model bares a twenty-seven-inch tapered "sporter" barrel. Winchester also offered a "boys" model, with a twenty-five-inch barrel, for youngsters. The model 67 is capable of firing any .22 short, .22 long, or .22 long rifle cartridge. Approximately 383,000 of these popular rifles were produced, with only the later models (after the early 1940's) having serial numbers. The longer barrel of the standard model was a regular feature of most rimfire rifles until the 1960's. The longer barrel length was thought to be advantageous for at least three reasons. First of all, the longer sighting plane between the rear sights and the front sights aided in aiming. Secondly, the longer barrel reduces noise considerable, nearly muting the sound of standard velocity ammunition. Thirdly, before the advent of today's advanced external ballistics, it was commonly believed that a very long barrel was necessary to achieve game-killing velocities.

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Q: What is the history behind the Winchester model 67 22 rimfire?
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With the serial number that you have supplied,your Winchester model 9422 lever action rimfire rifle was made in the year 1993.

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the value of a Winchester 20 gauge model 1400 and the history? the value of a Winchester 20 gauge model 1400 and the history?

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how much does it cost?

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22 Short, 22 Long, or 22 Long Rifle rimfire interchangeably.

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The model 1890 Winchester was only chambered in .22 short,22long,22 long rifle,or 22WRF calibers which were all rimfire calibers.

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You will need to include the model number of your Winchester to get a answer.

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You would need to post the model number of the gun in question, Winchester made a whole bunch of bolt action rifles chambered in .22 rimfire

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