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(We're Gonna Hang Out) The Washing On The Siegfried Line, sung by Flanagan & Allen written by Jimmy Kennedy & Michael Carr, in 1940 or possibly 1941. The song annoyed the German High command because it made fun of them and, it was banned on US radio stations because it was considered that it may infringe US neutrality at that time. It is a young soldier writing his mother a letter from the battlefields in France during WW2, and making light of the situation. The Siegfried Line was a German line of fortifications built in direct opposition to the French Maginot Line prior to and during WW2. We're gonna hang out the washing on the Siegfried Line,

Have you any dirty washing mother dear?

We're gonna hang out the washing on the Siegfried Line,

'cause the washing day is here.

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Can you hang out the washing?

Yeahh.... :/

How is timber dried and graded?

You hang it out on the line after washing in the washing machine

Is it a good day to hang out the washing?


Can i put my fitted cap in the washing machine with clothes?

Yes you can put your cap in the washing machine. Use the hand wash cycle. Then hang to drip dry.

How high should you hang a mirror behind a dining room table?

You should hang a mirror at least 6 feet high from the floor when hanging it behind a dining room table. You don't want to hang it lower than that because it will reflect the table.

Can washing machine iron the clothes after washing?

jaffa Unfortunately not, try buying clothes which need little or no ironing and take care when drying after washing to hang straight if using a line or remove from dryer as soon as items are dry.

Where does Kenny Chesney like to hang out?

behind an old buger hut

What health risks arise from not washing bed sheets regularly?

One health risk that you can get from not washing bed sheets regularly is allergies. A lot of dust mites will hang onto your sheets.

How do you make my clothes bigger after being in the dryer?

If, after washing your clothes, you can avoid putting them in the dryer at all, you can avoid shrinking them. If the clothes are made primarily of polyester, after washing all you have to hang them up WITHOUT drying them, and usually they look good, all without shrinking. The shower rod is a good place to hang them.

What has the author Hang-no Yi written?

Hang-no Yi has written: 'Kyesang surok' -- subject(s): Neo-Confucianism, History

What is the synonym for remain?

stay, stay put, stay behind, linger, wait, hang about

Is it ok to hang out the washing during pregnancy?

Yes, you should be able to live a normal life apart form heavy lifting.

Does top load washing machine dries clothes completely?

A washing machine washes laundry and usually spins them to a damp state it does not dry clothes. You need to hang them on a line to air dry or use a drying machine.

I need a good suggestion for garage storage ideas for my car washing accessories. Should I throw them all in a bucket?

I keep my car washing accessories on a shelf in a garage. I have a Mr. Clean brand car washing system that hooks onto the end of my hose and I hang that from a hook next to the shelf.

How do you wash your backpack in washing machine please help?

just wash it in normal mode and hang dry it. wash it in cold water and by itself.

What is the best way to clean a vinyl shower curtain?

The best way to clean a vinyl shower curtain is to put it in the washing machine ever couple of months. Then after its been cleaned with the washing machine hang it up and let it air dry.

How do you wash a shower curtain?

It's nothing special. You can just put it in the washing machine, but put it on a delicate setting. Then hang dry. Do not put it in the dryer.

Why do men divorce you after having an affair but still want to hang on to you by constantly calling you?

Guilt is the reason behind this.

What must they do to maximize the loudness of the sound heard by the audience?

Hang reflecting panels from the ceiling behind the Orchestra.

Why you hang a person early in morning what is the reason behind this?

i think it is because your bored?or want to start your day with it.

What flags hang behind the President when he has a press meeting?

American Flag to his right Presidential flag to his left

Can you wash nylon?

I wash nylon, rayon, and almost everything else in the washing machine on a gentle cold wash. I only put fabric softner and washing powder in and then hang it to dry. As we all know it's the dryer that shrinks and destroys things.

Why do you hang stockings?

== == == == Please visit the History Channel Com. for information on all the traditions of Christmas throughout the world, "The History of Christmas."

When Engineers are designing an auditorium for orchestras what must they do to maximize the loudness of the sound heard by the audience?

hang curtains behind the orchestra

What was a brass gallery used for on an antique sideboard?

It was used to hang a fabric curtain to prevent food spattering on the wall behind.