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In Andorra
France and the bishop of Urgel held joint sovereignty over Andorra from 1278 to 1993. Voters chose to adopt a parliamentary system March 14,1993, although co-princes remain heads of state. Tourism, especially skiing, is the economic mainstay. A free port, Andorra attracts more than 10,000,000 visitors annually.
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What continent is Andorra in?

Europe - it is near France and Spain . Andorra is in Europe. Europe (Andorra is situated on the border of France and Spain. Andorra is a country in Europe.

Where is Andorra la Vella?

Andorra la Vella is the capital city of Andorra. It is situated in the south west of the country, not far from the border with Spain.

What is there to know about Andorra?

Here's some info: . The capital is Andorra la Vella . The official languages are Catalan and French. . Their currency is the Euro . Their motto is "Virtus Unita Fortior" which means "StrengthUnited is Stronger" . The main religion is Roman Catholic

Who owns the country of Andorra?

The Principality of the Valleys of Andorra is an independentcountry. However, for rather complicated reasons, the president ofFrance is a reigning prince of Andorra but actually has no power.

Is Andorra an island?

No, Andorra is not an island. It is a tiny country between Spain and France.

What is the climate of Andorra?

The average temperature of Andorra is 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Thewinters are mild and the summers are cool because of the proximityto the ocean.

There traditional foods of Andorra?

Ok I am not really sure cause I want to know and I have to turn this in in two days. . If anyone knows atleast one or two things I can put down please comment this!!!!!!!!!! . Thanks in advance

What is a national holiday in Andorra?

There are two national holidays in Andoraa. The 14th March is the "Día de la Constitució" (Constitution's day) and the 8th September is "Mare de Deu de Meritxel" (Our Lady of Maritxel).

How long from UK to andorra?

Due to the fact Andorra has no airports, you need to fly to either France or Spain and then take the bus. If you fly to Barcelona (about a 2/ 2 and a half hour flight) you can take the bus to Andorra (3 / 4 hours long).

What do you call people from Andorra?

You call Andorra people Andorran people, i know, im doing a report on the country...their language is called Catalan

What is the old currency of Andorra?

Before the euro was introduced, Andorra used French francs and Spanish pesetas. It did not have currency of its own (and still doesn't.)

Who died on the Andorra Star?

My great grandfather "Francsico Simeone" was a prisoner of war aboard the Andorra Star sunk by a U-boat (U-47 commanded by the famous Gunther Prien, in the night 1-2 July 1940) Lee Simeone www.simeoneuk.com info@simeoneuk.com

What are stores in Andorra?

There are over 2000 stores in Andorra. They don't have a duty tax, so it's a great place to shop.

What are facts about Andorra?

Here are some facts; . Andorra began as a modern state in 1993 . In 1943 Andorra carried out its first exucation since the 19th century

What time is England vs andorra?

The FIFA World Cup qualifying game between England and Andorra was at 20:15 (BST) on 10-Jun-2009.

Who is the president of Andorra?

Andorra doesn't have a president. It has two co-princes. One is thehead of the French government; the other is the Bishop of Seud'Urgell in Spain. There is also a Parliament. The elected head isconsidered the head of government. His (or her) term is four years. Principal Government Officials in 200 ( Full Answer )

Why is Andorra not shown on maps?

Andorra is shown on political maps, provided there's enough detail in the map. It's a very small country.

What is food in Andorra?

Andorra has foods like what the french and Spain people eat since it is located right between them. The most foods that they eat are Mediterranean foods and red wine to keep a healthy diet.

What is the legal drinking age in andorra?

You have to be 18 to buy it or look 18 .. 16 to drink it. if someone else buys it for a person under 18 its their responsibilitly if they get into trouble

Where is Andorra located at?

Andorra is a very small landlocked European country located in the Pyrenees Mountains between Spain and France. It has a population of about 84,500 Its area is 468 sq. km. (180 sq. mi.), making it about half the size of New York City and smaller than many other North American cities. Andorra was ( Full Answer )

What is interesting about Andorra?

Andorra is known as the country with the longest life expectancy, most of the people live long lives. this may because they eat very healthy diets, but also the quality of life must be better.

Who is the Chief of State of Andorra today?

Andorra has a unique system. There are coprinces as the chief of state, one from Spain and one from France. The French Coprince is Nicolas Sarkozy represented by Philippe Massoni and the Spanish Coprince is Bishop Joan-Enric Vives i Sicilia represented by Nemesi Marques i Oste. The head of governme ( Full Answer )

What do people eat in Andorra?

The national dish of Andorra is Escudella. It is a stewmade from chicken, veal, meatballs, pig snout and trotters,butifarra sausage with potatoes, cabbage and white beans orchickpeas. Another dish is similar to the British bubble and squeakdish using mashed potatoes, cabbage, leeks and pork. Anoth ( Full Answer )

Does andorra have a soccer team?

Yes Andora has a football team. but they are a week team and do not qualify for the Euro or the world cup.

What kind of clothing do they wear in Andorra?

Women wear flowered skirts and some types of shirts and men basically wear what Irish men wear but in general they wear western styled clothing! . Your Welcome

What is a traditional food in Andorra?

Andorrans tend to eat a mix of Spanish Catalan cuisine, such as sausages, cheese, Trinxat (a dish made of potato and cabbage) and Coques (which are flavored flat cakes).

How many miles is Andorra from France?

It is 278 miles (Approx.). Note that this is a straight distance between the twoplaces. The actual distance may vary according to the flight path or road/sea routechosen.

What is the national sport of andorra?

Many are now suggesting that rugby in Andorra has grown to such an extent that it has now become the tiny nation's national sports.

What ranking are andorra soccer team?

Andorra have a very por and weak team, so it stands in 150 or so. They have not qualified for a world or euro cup even.

What is Andorras economy based on?

Tourism is the mainstay of Andorra's economy. It accounts for 80% of GDP (Gross Domestic Product). The maxing sector is also a large contributor to the GDP (given the fact that Andorra is a tax haven)

Who is the Prime Minister of Andorra?

Antoni Martí is the Prime Minister of Andorra. He became the Prime Minister of Andorra on 2011 May 12, after the 2011 parliamentary elections. The Prime Minister of Andorra is the head of government, and is elected by the Andorran Parliament.

Was there a tropical storm in andorra?

Most likely not. Andorra is a small landlocked country between Spain and France. Spain itself has only ever had one tropical depression.

What is the flag of andorra like?

It has 3 vertical bars: blue, yellow, red from left to right. In the center yellow panel there is the Andorran Coat of Arms with a bishop's hat in the upper left corner, alternating yellow and red bars in the upper right and lower left, and two cows in the lower right.

Is cannabis legal in Andorra?

Cannabis is not legal in Andorra. Laws are heavily enforced and thepeople are very intolerant of its use. That is not saying youcannot find it for sale.

Is andorra part of the schengen states?

Not directly. But Andorra does not have a separate visa. If you are already in France or Spain with a Schengen Visa, you can enter Andorra.

How many cities are in Andorra?

I want to say around 63 cities, but i maybe wrong. Andorra is apretty small country, it is half of Brampton and it has a largerpopulation of Andorra (Brampton is a city in Canada).

Who was the prime minister of Andorra in 2010?

Jaume Bartumeu Cassany was the prime minister of Andorra in 2010. Bartumeu became the prime minister of Andorra officially on 2009 June 5. The Prime Minister of Andorra is the head of government, and is elected by the Andorran Parliament.

What religion does Andorra have?

The traditional religion of Andorra is the Roman Catholicism. About the 90% of the population are Roman Catholic. One of the two co-princes of Andorra is a Catholic bishop.

Is Andorra an island nation?

Of Course Not! is a small landlocked country between Spain and France You can check wikipedia if you don't know!

What are some fun things to do in Andorra?

Andorra is a valley in the mountains. That's why sky is a good option to do for winter months. You also can go to some spa or shopping mall.

What is special about Andorra?

Andorra has many special things. - The Principality of Andorra is a Parliamentary democracy and Constitutional Diarchy. The chiefs of state are two co-princes, they are the President of France (curiously one republic) and the catholic Bishop of Urgell. These princes never live in Andorra. - An ( Full Answer )

Is Andorra a democratic?

Not really. The parliamentary was transformed into democracy but the Chief head is not democratic, i.e., It has two monarchs as Heads.

What is the traditional dressing of Andorra?

Andorrans wear modern Western-style clothing. Traditional costumes are still worn for folk dancing and on special occasions. The traditional costume for women features a full, flowered skirt over a white petticoat, fingerless net gloves, and black espadrilles with white stockings. The traditional co ( Full Answer )

What country is north of Andorra?

France is to the North and Spain is to the South. Andorra is a landlocked country. They speak Catalan and spend Euros.

What are the colors of the andorra flag?

It is a tricolour of navy blue, yellow and red, with the Andorran coat of arms in the central yellow bar. It was officially adopted in August 1971.

What form of government is Andorra Europe?

Andorra is a unitary parliamentary constitutional diarchy. Basically, Andorra is a constitutional diarchy. A diarchy is where there are two heads of state, compared to a monarchy which only has one. The President of France and the Bishop of Urgell serve as Co-Princes of Andorra.

Which are the most luxurious hotels in Andorra?

The top hotels in Andorra are: . Andorra Park Hotel . Hotel Ski Plaza . Sport Hotel Hermitage & Spa . Eurostars Andorra Centre . Holiday Inn Andorra . The nice thing about hotels in Andorra is they don't add extrataxes.