What is the history of Bucktown?

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2015-07-17 17:31:06
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I recently heard about a book:

It is called Wicker Park from 1673 thru 1929 and Walking Tour Guide by Elaine A. Coorens. Has a light blue cover with artists drawings of homes in that area. It has 200 some pages and then there are more pages consisting of the Walking Tour. Should be in libraries (Library of Congress Card Catalog Number 2002096948) or bookstores.

I couldn't find it anywhere, but I did contact her ( asking to purchase three copies, and haven't heard from the author.

When i was a little girl we used to go to a penny candy store on McClean and Hoyne, it was open when my mom was a little girl and then when i was a child, it closed when i was in grade school, im 18 now, but that would be a great addition to the history if bucktown. if you find any information please emial it to me asap oi would love to show my family. thank you so much.

<3 Samantha

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