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Here is a brief history:

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Q: What is the history of Massachusetts Arms Company?
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When was Massachusetts Arms Company created?

Massachusetts Arms Company was created in 1849.

What is the history of Stanly Arms Company?

No written history

What is the History of Howard Arms Company?

No history has been written AFAIK.

What is the history of the Vulcan Arms 50 bmg?

You will have to contact the company

What is the history of J Stevens Arms company?

See the link below-

When did Mass Arms Co open?

Massachusetts Arms Company operated from 1860 to 1893. The name was later used by J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co, J. Stevens Arms, and Crescent Firearms.

What is the age of a 12 gauge Massachusetts Arms Co Chicopee Falls Mass single shot shotgun?

Massachusetts Arms Company: Trade name used by J. Stevens Arms and Tool Company on firearms for Blish, Mizet and Silliman Hardware Company of Atchinson, KS. The name is also attributed to Crescent Firearms, but a single shot with a Chicopee Falls address is almost certainly a Stevens.

What is the history of the Howard Firearms Company?

HOWARD ARMS CO. was a tradename on shotguns used by the hardware store Fred Bifflar & Company of Chicago, Illinois. They were made by Crescent Fire Arms Company which was purchased by Stevens which was purchased by Savage Arms.

Where are Savage rifles produced?

The Savage Arms Company is based in Westfield, Massachusetts. They also have a division located in Lakefield, Ontario, Canada. The company was founded in 1894.

Where can information on an Arms Co 22 caliber revolver be found?

No known history published on this company

Would you know the value of a 12 gauge side by side shotgun manufactured feb10 1914 by Massachusetts Arms Company?

50-100 USD

What is the value of a Massachusetts Arms Company 16 gauge single shot shotgun?

Whatever someone will pay. Pretty much decorative wall art.

When was Lefever Arms Company created?

Lefever Arms Company was created in 1883.

When did Lefever Arms Company end?

Lefever Arms Company ended in 1916.

When was DuBiel Arms Company created?

DuBiel Arms Company was created in 1975.

When was Browning Arms Company created?

Browning Arms Company was created in 1927.

When was Syracuse Arms Company created?

Syracuse Arms Company was created in 1888.

When was National Arms Company created?

National Arms Company was created in 1865.

Who founded puritan Massachusetts?

Massachusetts Bay Company

What year was Massachusetts Bay company founded?

Massachusetts Bay Company was founded in the year 1629.

When was Massachusetts Bay Trading Company created?

Massachusetts Bay Trading Company was created in 2002.

Riverside arms co chicopee falls mass US pat feb 10 1914 value?

Riverside Arms Company in Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts made and sold guns and ammunition to customers. The US Pat Feb 10, 1914 refers to a firearm that was produced by the company.

Where do hells angels in Massachusetts get tattoos?

Usually on the arms.

What has the author Charles Henry Ashdown written?

Charles Henry Ashdown has written: 'History of the Worshipful Company of Glaziers of the City of London, otherwise the Company of Glaziers and Painters of Glass' -- subject(s): London Company of Glaziers 'European arms & armour' -- subject(s): Armor, Arms and armor, English Arms and armor, Weapons 'British castles' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Castles 'Armour & weapons in the Middle Ages' -- subject(s): Armor, Arms and armor, History, Medieval Armor, Weapons

What is the history of a breech loading double barrel shotgun made by Star Arms Company with Fine Damascus Belgium on the 30 inch barrels and BELGIUM in the breech with numbers 1403 and 14732 and 19?

No published history on the company.