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What is the history of T Barker shotguns?

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Not really much history. It was a brand name used by Sears Roebuck in the early 1900's. They were manufactured by Crescent Arms and possibly a few other US makers, but most were inexpensive Belgian imports. More information contributed by others: * I found from the Illinois State Museum section "Harvesting the River," that the T. Barker was sold in 1897 by Sears for $11.97. They're example was seized during the Taylor Mine Wars. My question is: Are the laminated barrels safe to shoot modern ammo? * If it has laminated barrels, it was probably proofed for black powder. There are people who shoot these old shotguns, but they load their own shells to 1900 specifications. Using a box of Walmart shells would be like driving your Model T down the Interstate at 75.

2006-06-23 19:55:16
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Q: What is the history of T Barker shotguns?
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