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What is the history of Washington Heights in Chicago?


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check these sites out:,_Chicago According to the 1990 statistics, Washington Heights has a population of 32,114 people. Approximately 98.7% are African-American. It has a high unemployment rate of 13% with 11% of the African-American community living below the poverty level. 54 - Washington Heights - "A village of Cook County, on the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific and the Pittsburg, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Railways, 12 miles southwest of Chicago; has a graded school, female seminary, military school, a car factory, several churches and a newspaper. Annexed to City of Chicago, 1890" Source" "Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois", 1901


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The address of the Chicago Heights Public Library is: 25 West Fifteenth Street, Chicago Heights, 60411 3488

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The phone number of the Chicago Heights Public Library is: 708-754-0323.

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No, Washington Heights is in Upper Manhattan. It is one of the northernmost neighborhoods in Manhattan.

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The motto of Incarnation School Washington Heights is 'Building a bridge to the future in washington heights since 1910'.

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