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Manufactured sometime between 1920 and 1948.

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Q: What is the history of a 16 gauge Springfield double barrel shotgun with a hammer that has J Stevens Arms Company Chicopee Falls Mass USA on the barrel?
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What is the history of springfield handguns?

The US Govt Arsenal or the commercial company?

What is the history of J Stevens Arms company?

See the link below-

How much is a j Stevens arms company springfield model 15 22 caliber single shot bolt action rifle worth and what were the manafacture dates?

Depending on which version (early flat sided stocks are higher) these run about $100. They seem to have been made from the late20s/ early 30's, up until about 1950. Dates are imprecise due to the tangled history of Savage/ Stevens/ Springfield.

Where can you find info on a Springfield J Stevens Arms model 56 single shot 22 rifle made in Chicopee Falls Ma?

AnswerModel 56 or 056 is a .22 bolt action repeater that has a clip magazine. Model 55 or 055 is the same rifle but single shot only.A good source for history and manufacturing date ranges for different Stevens firearms is: A good source for parts is Hope these help you find what you need!

When was a Springfield Arms Co model 50 'Springfield Jr ' 22 rifle made and what is its approximate value?

The Springfield Jr. 22 LR was made by Page-Lewis Arms Co. from 1928 until 1933. Springfield Arms Co. never made a rifle with this name. I must be missing something - my Sprinflield Jr does not have Page-Lewis on it. The barrel is stamped with both Sprinfield Jr (at the breech), and Springfield Arms Company 22LR Model 50 on the barrel itself. There is the Springfield US Armory and Springfield Inc., but neither had anything to do with this gun and there was never a manufacturer named Springfield Arms Company. The name was first used, I think, by Page Lewis and in a confusing mess of purchases of one company by another, it was used by Crescent Firearms, Crescent-Davis, and eventually by the Stevens division of Savage Arms. Stevens guns often seem to have a name marked on the gun and a model number in the reference books, but this time we're lucky and have both on the gun. The Stevens model 50 is a bolt action single shot, so could remotely resemble the US 1903 Springfield military rifle and it wouldn't surprise me if they sold it as a Springfield Jr. I can't find any dates of production, but Stevens stopped using the Springfield Arms name on shotguns in 1948. The only reference I have with values for the Model 50 is several years old, but the top price listed is $150. I'll bet it hasn't gone up too much and an "average" price would be less than $100. This is not really an answer. My husband has a Page Lewis Model 50 Springfield Jr. that needs a part for it, the ejector. Someone lost the one on his rifle. Could you tell us where we might find a part for this? Or find a schematic for it? Thanks a lot. Hope to hear from you. Answer: I have a .22 L.R. Bolt action rifle exactly like the one you are talking about. On the barrel it say's "Page-Lewis Arms Company Chicopee Falls. Mass. U.S.A. 22 L.R. Model 50" and back near the bolt it says "Springfield Jr" ANSWER; I also have a rifle that has Springfield Arms Company Chicopee Falls, Mass. U.S.A. 22 L.R. Model 50 on the barrel and SPRINGFIELD JR. opposite of bolt . I would like to know more history behind this rifle than that which has already been provided. Maybe you could give a site where I might find additional information. ( My gun has been handed down for generations. It's the family Hog killing gun.) Please reply. CHRIS

What is the history of J. Stevens shotguns?

Stevens shotguns have always been well-made and dependable. Nothing flashy that attracts the collectors with big money, but they'll throw a load of shot just as far and just as straight. I'd hesitate to guess how many have been produced, but it must be several million. In addition to guns bearing the Stevens name, the company also produced many single shot and double barrel shotguns marked with trade names for Montgomery Ward, Sears Roebuck, Western Auto and other retailers. The company was founded in Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts, in 1865 as J. Stevens and Company. The name was changed to J. Stevens Arms and Tool Company in 1886. In 1915 the production facilities were sold to New England Westinghouse and used to produce military rifles. In 1920, the name and manufacturing plant were purchased by Savage Arms and operated as a semi-independent subsidiary with the name J. Stevens Arms Company. Beginning about 1948 their guns were marked simply Stevens or both Stevens and Savage. The Stevens name was retired in 1991, but re-introduced on updated versions of the old Stevens Favorite rifles in 1999.

What is the history of a J Stevens Arms Company Model 335?

The Stevens model 335 was produced from 1926-1935.There were only 2,000 made during this time span.

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The address of the History Museum For Springfield-Gree is: 830 N Boonville Ave, Springfield, MO 65801-2963

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What is the value and history of a J Stevens Arms Company Model 37 shotgun?

I just sold mine for 150 dollars.

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