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The history of the food in Poland dates back to the middle ages where dishes were centered around meat and groats. They got their meat from both wild and farm animals and grew their own fruits, herbs, and spices.

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What is the main food from Poland?

Main food of Poland is meat.

What are the food resources of Poland?

There are a number of food resources of Poland. The main food resource is agriculture and livestock. Fishing also serves as a source of food in Poland.

What is popular about Poland?

The thing that makes Poland so popular is it's rich history.

What does Poland eat?

food? what food do they eat in america?

What history does Poland have?

world war two

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What does Slovakia import?

Cheap food from poland!!

What are some things to do in Poland?

eat food

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How does climate influence on food in Poland?

it doesn't. (:

What are examples of bias in history?

hitler war against poland

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What heritage are people from Russia Poland Lithuania Romania?

During the history Lithuania, Romania and Poland were occupied sometimes by Russians.

When Poland became democratic?

The third, and last time (Since Poland used to be democratic thrughout the history already) in 1989

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What food do they eat in Poland?

The type of food that they eat in Poland is not so different from the rest of the world. The most common food items include cabbages, noodles, chilled cucumber and mushrooms among others.

What type of food is eaten in Poland?

polish sausage

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What day is Black Saturday in the history of Warsaw Poland?

August 5

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