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Q: What is the history of fruit cake?
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Need receipe for a fruit cake you need a receipe for a fruit cake now?

I am only asking for a simple fruit cake receipe

When fruit is added to a cake is it still considered a cake?

No it is not. Putting fruit in cake takes away from the deliciousness of sugar, therefore ruining the cake.

Is fruit cake a solution suspenstion or mechanical mixture?

Fruit cake is a mixture.

What is a Substitute forbrandy in fruit cake?

Different types of liquor can be substituted for brandy in fruit cake depending on your own taste, and on the sort of fruit used in the cake. Bourbon can be a good substitute, particularly if the cake contains cherries, and almond liquor would be very nice in a fruit cake containing almond.

What is the name of a Dessert dish cotainig fruit encased in sponge cake?

Fruit cake

What is a traditional holiday cake?

fruit cake or gingerbread cake

How do you thickened a cake fruit filling?

Fruit fillings for cake - the sort that is placed between cake layers - is thickened with corn starch.

How to make fruit cake?

To make a fruit cake, be sure to use good quality candied or dried fruit and nuts. Cook the cake on a low temperature. Make the cake well in advance of when you want to eat it. A fruit cake takes about four months to rest before eating. Be liberal with whatever liquor you intend to use.

A recipe for fruit-flavored cake?


Name a popular Christmas cake?

fruit cake

What cake is eaten at Christmas in the US?

fruit cake

Why is my fruit cake breaking?

Your fruit cake could be breaking because it is too dry. If the cake is breaking when you cut it, the knife you are using may not be sharp enough.

Can fruit and nuts bind a cake?

Moist fruit can aid in binding a cake, while nuts usually cannot.

Why does fruit fall in cake during baking?

Gravity pulls the fruit down as it is heavier than the cake mix is.

What fruit attracts more bugs?

fruit cake

What cake begins with the letter F?

flourless cake fruit cake

What is an iced sponge cake called?

fruit pound cake

What is vivian dsena's favourite flavoure of cake?

Fruit cake

Does apricot jam on a cake board make a fruitcake go mouldy?

No, jam on a cake board would not make a fruit cake go mouldy. Keeping the fruit cake too long in a place that is warm and moist makes it go mouldy. Fruit cake should be stored in a tin in a cool, dry, dark place or refrigerated. Soaking a fruit cake with rum, brandy or other liquor also prevents spoilage.

What can you substitute for pineapple in cake recipes?

you can substitute any fruit you like in the cake recipe remember tho the cake will taste different if using different fruit

Difference between fruitcake and Christmas cake?

The difference between fruit cake, and Christmas Cake is that Christmas Cake is, richer and contains SPICES

What is the best tasting cake without chocolate of fruit?

coffee cake

What wedding cake is used in traditional Maltese weddings?

Fruit cake

Where did dundee cake come from?

This is a famous traditional Scottish fruit cake.

Would too much salt cause a fruit cake to be dry?

It might well do, by withdrawing moisture from the fruit. However if you include salt in a fruit cake it should only be a pinch.