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What is the history of hockey?

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Hockey has been around for as long as 4000 years ago 1917-1918 was the first hockey season ever

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Q: What is the history of hockey?
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History of floor hockey?

The history of floor hockey include that it originated in Canada. Floor hockey was invented by British soldiers in the mid 1900s.

Hockey history in hindi?

Hockey ka bhavya itihas. That is how we can translate it.

Who has the most hockey goals in nhl history?

Wayne Gretzky has the most hockey goals in NHL history with 864 goals.

Ice hockey history?

My advice to you is to Google ice hockey history and read some of the articles, such as Wikipedia, to find all sorts of info on the history of the game.

Who is the youngest ice hockey player in US history?

The youngest hockey player in history was a little girl that was 2 years old

Was field hockey invented in 1895?

Click on the link to your right for the history of field hockey.

What is a good Canadian Essay Topic?

the history of hockey, anything hockey related because I believe Canada is the hockey country because they play hockey alot there

Who has most hockey goals in history?

Wayne Gretzky

Who was the Best hockey player in history?

Wayne Gretzky

What is the highest score in recorded hockey history?


What are the best books for hockey fans?

Hockey For Dummies. If you are a new fan or just want to be more familiar with hockey history, I suggest Mr. Stan Fischler's book, Hockey Chronicles.

Who is the winningest hockey coach in Harvard history?

Bill Cleary

Who is the youngest professional hockey captain in history?

Sidney Crosby

Largest margin victory in hockey history?


Who is the best hockey goalie in Indian history?

Ray emery

What are some big events that happend in hockey history?

They would be the Stanly Cups. Those are the SuperBowls or NBA Finals of Hockey.

What is the most common jersey number in nhl hockey history?

19 and 9 are the two most commonly used numbers in hockey

What hockey team has the most shut out wins in hockey history?

In one season, 22 by the Montreal Canadians, all by George Hainsworth

Which country men hockey team is the most successful hockey team in olympic history with 8gold 1silver and 2bronze medals?


What has the author Jeff Obermeyer written?

Jeff Obermeyer has written: 'Hockey in Seattle' -- subject(s): History, Hockey, Pictorial works

Who is the winningest hockey coach in Boston College history?

jerry york

Who is the winningest coach in Boston University hockey history?

jack Parker

Who is the winningest coach in U Maine hockey history?

Shawn Walsh

Who is the leading goal scorer in UNH hockey history?

Ralph cox

Who is the most influential hockey coach in nhl history?

Don Cherry .