What is the history of lip gloss?

Who Invented Lip Gloss

Lip gloss was invented by Max Factor in 1930. His reason for this was to make lips glossy or shiny for films. Max Factor inventions include lipstick and the mascara wand. All of these inventions became common items in purses throughout the world as makeup became a mass market phenomenon.

In years earlier than the twenties, greasepaint in stick form was the accepted makeup for the theatrical industry but could not be applied thinly enough nor were the colors suitable to work sufficiently on the screen. And so, in 1914, Max Factor perfected the first makeup specifically created for motion picture use, a thinner greasepaint in cream form, packaged in a jar and created in 12 accurate graduated shades. It was worn for the first time by actor, Henry B. Walthall, who served as the model for screen tests. With this major accomplishment to his reputation, Max Factor became legendary in makeup history.

Definition: "Lip Gloss" is a cosmetic substance used for making the lips appear, as the name suggests, more glossy."

There are different types of lip glosses, some of these are:

  • Basic lip gloss: adds shine to the lips and nothing more.
  • Coloring lip gloss: adds shine and adds color as well.
  • Glitter lip gloss: glitter is present in the gloss, which can also be coloring as well.
  • Flavored lip gloss: they come in all of the above adding a certain flavor associated with the lip gloss.
  • Lip Gloss can last for long periods of time and can be water-resistant.
  • Lip Gloss can be applied either over the lipstick or alone for a more natural and nude lip look.

Lip gloss, is less heavy on the lips(although sometimes it can be thicker) than lipstick, which is only designed to color. Coloring lip gloss usually has less opaque coloring than lipsticks.

Lip gloss has become more popular than ever within the last few years. Not only does lip gloss add shine, but are moisturizing and can add a plumping effect to the lips. Using lip liner together with lip gloss also gives a different and more defined look.

~ resources from yoyolipgloss.com :)