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they have a lot of history, darkness force of the universe!

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Q: What is the history of the Italian Mafia?
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Who is better Italian mafia or Irish mafia?

the Italian mafia has the Irish mafia beat

Who is stronger Russian mafia or Italian mafia?

Italian Mafia, They have more Connections and alot of power.

Which mafia is the toughest?

The Albanian Mafia is toughest and the Italian Mafia is the toughest.

Who would win in a fight the Italian mafia or Mexican mafia?

The Italian Mafia would surely win do to the fact that they have more fire power, more men, and are more organized. The Mexican Mafia is just basically a group of gangsters (a prison gang). So if you want to know the answer the Italian Mafia would surely win this battle. This is basically a battle between the strongest mafia (Italian Mafia) and the weakest mafia (Mexican Mafia).

What is the most deadly gang?

The mafia that originated from russia so the Russian mafia of the Italian mafia is to or the Mexican mafia

What is 'Mafia' when translated from Italian to English?

"Boldness" is a possible English equivalent of the Italian word Mafia. The name remains of uncertain etymology, with possible antecedents dating back to seventeenth-century Palermo, Sicily. The pronunciation will be "MA-fya" in Italian.

Who is the Italian mafia's enemy?

The cops

What is the most powerful world mafia?

The Russian mafia is the 2nd most powerful mafia in todays world. The Italian mafia is the most powerful mafia in the world

When was the Italian mafia in cuba?

In the 1950's

What is the stereotypical Italian mafia car?


What is 'Mafia woman' when translated from English to Italian?

Mafiosa is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "Mafia woman." The feminine singular word may be used as a noun to refer to a female member of the Mafia or as an adjective to reference Mafia organizational traits in a female. The pronunciation will be "ma-FYO-sa" in Pisan Italian.

What did Italian immigrant bring on their journey to America?

The mafia

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