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What is the history of the Mormon religion?

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"Mormonism" id="Mormonism">Mormonism

The Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints (commonly called

the "Mormon" church) was organized in 1830 by Joseph Smith. The

Mormons later moved to the Midwest, where they often made their

neighbors uncomfortable. Their dogma and rhetoric threatened many

of their neighbors, and the Mormons found themselves unwelcome in

places like Independence, MO and Nauvoo, IL. Smith was assassinated

by some bigoted people, and the Mormons left Nauvoo and moved to

Utah where they hoped for religious freedom.

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The above is true but failed to adequately convey the extent of

the persecution the Mormons endured. They were mobbed, murdered,

chased out of cities, etc. There were actually official government

extermination orders in some areas, making it lawful to chase

Mormons out of the city. The New York Times article cited below

provides a very good synopsis. It was written by the estimable Noah

Feldman, who is a law professor at Harvard University and adjunct

senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. He writes

frequently on religion and public life.

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Joseph Smith was a prophet and was called to restore the gospel

on earth. He converted many people into the church. Thousands of

people were converted. Now days, there are millions and millions of

people that are Mormons.

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