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From a previous FAQFARM post: There are buildings remaining from the Selig Polyscope studios at the intersection of Byron and Claremont. The Selig trademark "Diamond S" is still over the doorway of the loft conversion on the N.W. corner. The structures now part of the used car dealer at Byron and Western were also studio buildings. A series of underground tunnels still connect them. There is a decaying tower atop one of the buildings, probably used for elevated shots of the outdoor movie sets. Also see For a list of movies filmed there (and at Essanay) see There are numerous references in "Hollywood on Lake Michigan: 100 Years of Chicago & the Movies by Arnie Bernstein, Holly Pluard". Selig bio at

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Q: What is the history of the Selig Polyscope Company's building at 3900 N Claremont?
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