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Q: What is the history of the Washington Monument?
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What is the Washington monument's history?

The Washington Monument was built between 1848 and 1884 as a tribute to George Washington's military leadership from 1775-1783 during the American Revolution.

How is the Washington monument important in the scope of American history?

The monument recognizes the United States' first president, George Washington. The monument itself is much less important than the man for whom the monument was built to recognize.

What has the author James Eveleth Griffith written?

James Eveleth Griffith has written: 'History of the Washington Monument' -- subject(s): Washington Monument (Washington, D.C.)

Why did they give the name Washington Monument to the monument?

Because it is a monument to George Washington.

What is important about the Washington monument?

Because, it represents George Washington's dick, and how significantly important it was in American (women's) history.

Which companies offer tours of the Washington Monument?

The city of Washington offers people tours to their monument for people to admire its beauty and the history behind the monument. The most famous option people take is the bus tour which runs through day and night.

Is there a Washington monument in the state of Washington?

The Washington Monument is in Washington D.C.

Which monument is Washington D.C. is the tallest?

By law, no structure can be built in Washington, DC, that is taller than the Washington Monument, so the Washington Monument is the talles monument in that city.

What Washington monument was made for George Washington?

The Washington Monument.

What are some famous landmarks that start with the letter w?

The Washington Monument in Washington, DC

How do you get to underworld in fallout 3?

go inside the museum of history which is near the Washington monument

Why is the Washington Monument a monument?

to honor Washington

What does the Washington monument have inside?

in washington monument there is a statue of washington hiself

Is the Washington monument in Washington D.C.?

Yes, the Washington monument is indeed in Washington D.C.

Is the Washington monument in Washington D.C?

Yes, the Washington monument is indeed in Washington D.C.

Why is the Washington Monument in Washington?

The Washington Monument is located in Washington D.C. because it is the national capital of the United States of America. The Washington Monument is a national monument that honors George Washington as the first President of the United States.

What are some famous landmarks in Washington DC?

Famous landmarks in Washington DC are the many man made buildings that reflect the USA's political history. The most popular, among many others are: * Lincoln Monument * Jefferson Monument * White House * Washington Monument * Capitol Building * Smithsonian Institute.

What monument in Washington DC is the tallest?

Washington Monument.

Why is the saying on the Washington Monument there?


What is the tallest monument in Washington DC?

Washington monument

Which is the highest building in Washington monument?

Washington's Monument

Where is the first George Washington monument located?

The Washington Monument in Washington, DC

What is the Washington monument used for?

The Washington monument has no function. It is a monument to the first president of the United States.

When was the Washington monument made?

the washington monument was made in 1886

Who made the Washington monument?

The architects of the Washington Monument is unknown.