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The computer was first as big as a living room. It could only type and print 2 documents. Then, it got smaller and smaller and more and more files could be stored and printed.

As the need for rapid calculations increased, commercial organizations introduced the electronic calculator to the market. Then the computer appeared.

The price of computers decreased, and they started appearing in more businesses, and then also in schools, libraries, and wealthier governments.

The internet connected computers together and provided more information to users, but there were also problems such as fraudulent websites, overabundant commercial emails, copyright violations, server outages, and lack of connectivity to poorer countries.

The dawn of the computer age brought about some disadvantages, such as incompatible file formats, fears about privacy, and error messages such as the Blue Screen of Death.

There are some websites to help at the links below.
To do so would require writing several hundreds or several thousands of volumes. This is entirely outside the scope of a website like this.

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Q: What is the history of the computer?
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