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What is the history of the digital camcorder?


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The first camcorders were introduced in the early 80s, and they were expensive and bulky but efficient. They were operated by using one's arms or a tripod. Later, miniaturization allowed camcorders to get smaller and smaller. By the time the 90s arrived, camcorders had their own recording format called VHS-C, or a tape called 8mm that was less compatible with VCRs. It wasn't until the late 90s that the first digital camcorders started arriving with the MiniDV (1996). This was an even smaller tape than before that allowed one to edit the tape on the computer. It's much easier to use and made higher quality tape than previous recording formats. Most new digital cameras use MiniDV, though new formats and cameras continue to arrive. The history of the digital camcorder is sure to change as time progresses. Props to Wikipedia.


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