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Brief history of a single computer:

  1. built
  2. sold
  3. used
  4. trashed/scrapped

Brief history of computers in general is much too long to post here, if thats what you really wanted. Besides if I had enough information to write it I'd write a book, hoping to make money, not posting it here for free.

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The Internet was created as a result of the Cold War. In the mid 1960s it became apparent that there was a need for a bomb-proof electronic communication system.Because of a concept developed by Larry Roberts of ARPA and Glen Kleinrockat UCLA, called packet switching, the internet was able to become a decentralized system, which would prevent large-scale destruction of any centralized system. The system allowed different types of computers from different manufacturers to send messages to one another.In 1972 Ray Tomlinsoninvented network e-mail, which became possible with the FTP. In 1984 the National Science Foundation (NSF)developed NSFNET.However, in 1989 a second miracle occurred. Tim Berners-Lee, a software engineer at the CERN physics lab in Switzerland, developed a set of accepted protocols for the exchange of Internet information, and a consortium with users was formed-thus creating the World Wide Web, the standard language for encoding information. Hypertext MarkuphtmlLanguage(HTML) was adopted.As a result of Berners-Lee's invention, in 1993 a group at the University of Illinois, headed by Mark Andreesen, wrote a graphical application called Mosaic to make use of the Web easier. The next year a few students from that group, including Andreesen, co-foundedNetscape after they graduated in May and released the browser for the World Wide Web in November 1994.

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The history of the Internet is a bit too long to describe here in one or two paragraphs. You can find a history of the Internet in the Wikipedia article "History of the Internet". The introductory paragraphs give you a summary; or you can read the entire article for more details.

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First there was ARPAnet, then there was Internet.

Simple enough?

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The world wide web started with ARPANET.

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Q: What is the history of the world wide web?
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What is the abbreviation of world wide web?

www = world wide web (ie., www means it is on the world wide web, wiki being the provider of the web site, and com to show it is a commercial website)

What was the URL of the first website on the World Wide Web?

URLs existed before the World Wide Web on the Internet.

What software was used in the world wide web?

Hypertext Transfer Protocol software is used for world wide web

What did the world wide web allow users to do?

The world wide web allows people to access diffrent sites.

World Wide Web the server is called?

the world wide web is long for www there is no private server for the world web it just is free for everyone to use but it contains plenty of viruses

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What is the name of the full web address?

World Wide Web

When was the the world wide web introduced to the public?

The World Wide Web was officially introduced to the world on August 6, 1991 by Sir Tim Berners-Lee. Here are some Web history highlights as originally referenced from the BBC.

Where is it EaklesCom?

on the world wide web on the world wide web

Is the meaning of www world wide web or world wide website?

World Wide Web

What is the mission of the World Wide Web?

The mission of the world wide web consortium is to lead the web.

When was the introduction of the world wide web?

the introduction to the world wide web was in 1990.

What is the definition of WWW?

World Wide Web

How is the world wide web different from the interent?

The world wide web and the internet are the same thing. The world wide web is just an address for the internet.

What is mission of the world wide web consortium?

The mission of the world wide web consortium is to lead the web.

Do they have the world wide web in England?

yes, that's why its called the WORLD wide web

What is an world wide web?

Google is the world wide web almost everyone noes about is

How can world wide web be applied in an intranet?

The "word-wide-web" by definition is world wide. An "intranet" by definition is not world wide and closed off from the world. As the two are diametrically opposed you can not apply the world-wide-web in an intranet. However the standards and tools used to deliver the world-wide-web can be used in an intranet.