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What is the home for the Red Sox?


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The Red Sox come from Boston

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The Red sox opened at home last in 2010. On April 4th, 2010 the Red sox beat the Yankees by a score of 9-7 in the home opener for the sox

The Red Sox play their home games in Fenway Park.

Fort Myers, Florida has been the spring training home of the Red Sox since 1993.

As a team, the 2004 Boston Red Sox hit a total of 222 home runs.

As of 2009, the Red Sox have passed the 500 mark.

Ted Williams hit the most home runs as a Boston Red Sox player with 521.

Babe Ruth hit 29 home runs in 1919 for the Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox hit 212 home runs in 2009. They hit 114 at home, and 98 on the road.

The Boston Red Sox Had 212 Home Runs in the season of 2009, and Jason Bay with the most home runs (36)

Jacoby Ellsbury stole home against the Yankees in the 2009 season. I dont know who the pitcher for the Red Sox was I think it was carl croferd on the rays

The Red Sox have played their home games in Fenway Park in Boston since 1912.

Ted Williams holds the record for most career home runs by a Boston Red Sox player with 521.

The Boston Red Sox have hit 11,842 home runs in their team histiry from 1901 -2009

Ted Williams holds the record for most career home runs by a Boston Red Sox player with 521.

53-98 The Rays and Red Sox have met 151 times and both home and away the Red Sox dominate the Rays. The Rays home record is 32-44 and away is 21-54 against the Red Sox

They stay at home, as in their own homes.

In 1972 the Red Sox went %02 home games in a row, and then they lost it. But Now it's 2,953

Ted Williams hit 521 home runs in his MLB career, all of which was spent with the Boston Red Sox.

Boston, home of the Red Sox, and etc

If your standing on home plate looking towards the pitchers mound, the Red Sox dugout is on the right side.

The Boston Red Sox had a home record of 56-25 in 2009.

The Red Sox home dugout in Fenway Park is located along the First baseline.

The average home game attendance for the Boston Red Sox during the 2008 season was 37,632 fans (10th in the league).

In 1919, Babe Ruth hit 29 home runs as a member of the Red Sox.

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