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What is the homophone for cellar?


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The homophone is seller.

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Cellar as in a storage area or a basement

A seller is a homophone. A synonym is basement, an antonym is an attic.

A synonym for cellar is basement.

The word 'cellar' is both a verb (cellar, cellars, cellaring, cellared), and a noun (cellar, cellars). Example uses:Verb: He's an avid collector, he has a place underground to cellar his wine.Noun: We've converted the cellar into a playroom.

What rhymes with cellar? Fellardweller

Cellar has two syllables.

Granny is down in the root cellar, right now. The cellar is flooded, again.

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The French word for cellar is cave (pronounced kah'v), and wine cellar is cave à vin.

There are 2 syllables in cellar:cel/lar

The duration of The Cellar - film - is 1.42 hours.

The duration of The Beast in the Cellar is 1.68 hours.

The duration of Cellar Dweller is 1.28 hours.

The duration of We Cellar Children is 1.43 hours.

The Root Cellar has 247 pages.

The answer is that there is no homophone for can, but can is a homonym.

no there is not a homophone

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