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What is the hookup procedure for a VCR and TV with a dish satellite system?



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Go out from the dish set-top box and into the vcr and then out from vcr into the tv.

Most receivers have outputs that are RCA (Yellow/Red/White). On the back of your VCR, you should have inputs for RCA. Also have inputs on the back of the Television.

There are two ways to go if it is a non-HD receiver: Coaxial and RCA

---- Take the cable output from the back of the receiver (it says "out to tv") and connect that to the input on the VCR. Then take another cable and attach it to the output on the VCR and connect that to the TV's input. This requires you to set the TV to either channel 3 or 4 depending on the setup on the VCR.

---- Take the RCA (Yellow/Red/White) from the receiver to the VCR inputs and plug them in. Hookup the VCR to the TV using the Coax or using the RCA output on the VCR. Note: this will require you to set the VCR to the TV/VCR setting in order to view the Video/Audio output. This would require either changing the channel (Coax output) or changing the TV's video input.