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What is the horror movie based on facebook?


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First of all Facebook has only been in existence a few years and most Horror-crafters, to coin a phrase are interested in themes that are centuries old such as re-animated mummies, Frankenstein Monsters, Dracula, werewolves, etc and not something ultra-modern. (there have been very few science-fiction films with Occult overtones, to back this up). Secondly Facebook is a registered trade mark like Kodak or Chevrolet and they do not welcome negative publicity- bad use of cyberspace has gotten enough attention in the trial involving the youth who was harrassed into jumping off the George Washington Bridge- this case now being wrapped up. To get another angle-off , normally ( there were one or two exceptions) Aircraft manufacturers do not cooperate with makers of films dealing with airplane crashes . The film-makers often have to come up with fictional craft and lines as well, Accidents are bad for business. That is a three point landing with the gear working correctly!