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With your limited information such as year of 348 and carb. used, your question makes about as much sense as asking how much water is in a pool..... Between 250 and 350 gross advertised horsepower, depending on camshaft or whether there was a single or tri-power carburetor intake system. The solid-lifter tri-power "350 horsepower" engine came out in limited numbers during the final year of the 348's run in the 1961 Chevrolets. Since gross horsepower was always a rather overly optimistic estimate of the cars' actual power, it's likely that the actual peak horsepower of the 348 would be little more than 75 percent of the stated values.

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โˆ™ 2007-10-12 18:57:28
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Q: What is the horse power of a 348 Chev?
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