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It was originally rated at 155 but later model engines produced around 110 if it's an original 250 inline 6 it's probally around 150-155...


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250 to 350 hp depending on what model

250 cubic inch, 6 cylinder, 175-215-230 horsepower engines 350 cubic inch, 8 cylinder, 265-330 horsepower enginees

it is a 1969-1979 motor it was used in cars, trucks, and vettes

It really depends on which model you have. Most are rated at around 330 to 360 horsepower. Some of the very early ones in 1969 had 450 horsepower but those were pretty rare and found only in super sport Chevelles. I think the least i have ever heard of was 240 hp in some pickup truck applications.

Depends on motor if it has a stock 350 small block probably about 290-320

The first generation Chevrolet Camaro was available with a 6 cylinder engine. A V-8 engine was another option available on the 1966 through 1969 Chevy Camaro.

There was a 396 available in all Chevy trucks from 1968 - 1970.

That depends on what size engine it has : The 250 cubic inch straight six cylinder was rated at ( 155 BHP )

Stock, 365 Horsepower @ 4600 RPM. However, this motor is the ultimate torque monster, 510 ft/lb @ 3000 RPM. If you have this motor, you are officially made of awesome! With mild mods it's easily a 400 horse motor. This is not true of 455 motors after 1969. 1968-9 motors are the strongest as they haven't been smogged down yet.

The maximum speed of a 1969 Fiat 130, 6 cylinder, 140 horsepower sedan is 112 miles per hour.

Buy a motor manual at your local auto parts store.

pry it up off of the motor splines to take it off.

That is the number of the block. It was used to build 302, 327, and 350 engines in 2 or 4 bolt main from 1969-1980. There is a machined pad on the passenger side of the block just in front of the cylinder head that should have a combination of letters and numbers that can provide information about the horsepower and application. Write down the numbers and look it up at this website:

The the 1969 OLDS 98 had 365HP

if it has an automatic its 4 degrees before tdc, with the vaccuum advance off and plugged

The 2 barrel version was rated 265 hp, the 4 barrel versions were 325, 350, 375, and 425 hp.

If you have a six cylinder it if 1,5,3,6,2,4. If you have a V8 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2.

Chevy never made a 327 vortec. the last time they produced a 327 was in 1969, while the first vortec was made in the early 1990s.

Information about the 1969 Chevy truck can be found on Wikipedia. There is a whole article on Chevy trucks and it includes specific information on the 1969 model.

# 1 cylinder is the front cylinder on a Ford straight 6 cylinder engine

That all depended on what engine you had in it.

To the frame or the chassis. The cool thng about 350 SB is you can move the motor mounts to change the weight transfer of the vehicle. Depends on what you use it for.

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