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Q: What is the horsepower on a 94 Pontiac grand am gt 31L SFI V6?
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What is the horespower on a 2002 Pontiac grand am gt1 3.4L SFI V6?

It is rated at 185 horsepower so 185hp at the flywheel and then take off around 10% for parasidic loss

Where is oil pressure switch on a 2003 Pontiac grand am?

How to change oil pressure sensor on 3.4 sfi

What liter is 3100 sfi v6?

Does the Pontiac 3.1 Liter sfi 3100 V6 have any problems?

Where is the coolant temperature sensor located in a Pontiac Grand AM 2002?

i have a 1999 grand am se with a 3400 sfi and it's under air intake on the thermostat bellhousing hope this help you out. good luck

How do you replace thermostat on 1999 Pontiac Grand Am 6-cylinder?

it's under the throttle body ,(air intake) on right side(back of the motor)pully and belts is on the leftside(front of motor)1999 grand am 3.4 sfi.

What is the Spark Plug Gap for a Pontiac Grand Am 1994?

Well, if it is a 3.1Liter sfi then the gap should be .060". I'm pretty sure all engine for that year are .060" if they have the high out put coils on them. Let me know.

What is the spark plug gap on a 2002 grand am 3.4l?

2002 Pontiac Grand Am 3.4L SFI 6cylThe Spark Plug Gap.060 (In thousandths of an inch)

What is the Spark plug gap on 2005 pontaic gran prix?

2005 Pontiac Grand Prix 3.8L SFI OHV 6cylThe Spark Plug Gap.060 (In thousandths of an inch) 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix 5.3L SFI 8cylThe Spark Plug Gap.040 (In thousandths of an inch)

1999 Grand Am 3400 SFI what is the rod layout?

There are several rods on a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am. The connecting rods are connected to the pistons and found in the engine. Tie Rods are connected to the steering rack under the car. The radius rod is also found under the chassis and supports the majority of the cars vibrations.?æ

Where is the oil pressure switch located on a 2003 Pontiac grand am 3.4l sfi 6cyl?

the oil pressure switch is a 1 wire plug usually located on the engine block itself it could be on the side on the rear on the front under the motor on top

How do you remove oil dipstick tube on 1994 Grand Am SE 3100 SFI v6?

To remove an oil dipstick tube on a 1994 Grand Am SE 3100 SFI v6, pull the oil dipstick out of the tube and remove the bolt from the bracket. Slide the base mount bracket up and off the tube.?æ

What is a Pontiac 5.7 sfi ohv?

A GM 5.7 liter V8 engine is ( 350 cubic inches ) SFI ( means Sequential Fuel Injection ) OHV ( means Over Head Valve , that's a pushrod style engine )

Where is the thermostat located on a 1994 Pontiac Grand Am GT 3.1L SFI V6?

there will be a hose coming off of it into the radiator. it is called a goose kneck, becaus of the way the thermostat housing looks. kinda like a little half ball bolted to the motor with 2 or 3 bolts with a hose coming out of it.

How much horsepower does a 95 3.4 l firebird have?

The 1994 and 1995 f-body platform equiped with the 3.4l sfi 60 degree v6 had an est. 165 hp.

In a 1995 Grand Am is it possible to only change one coil?

depended on what engine v6 or quad 4. On the v6 3.1 SFI it is possible.

What liter is 2002 Chevy cavalier 2200 sfi?

2.2L inline-4 OHV "2200 SFI"

What is the stock horsepower rating on a 1999 Chevy suburban 5.7 liter with automatic transmission?

L31 SFI 5.7 V8 260 HP 330 Ft/Lb Torque

What is the difference between 4.6l v8 efi and sfi?

sfi - sequential fuel injection efi - electronic fuel injection

Is SFI a scam?

SFI is not a scam.SFI (Strong Future International) Marketing Group was launched in 1998. Starting with just one product, sold only in the United States, SFI has now grown to more than 6,000 products and services sold in more than 190 countries around the world. SFI was created to allow anyone with a computer and Internet access the opportunity to tap into the worldwide e-commerce revolution.SFI is now in its 11th year, with millions of dollars in annual sales and millions paid in commissions to thousands of affiliates around the world. SFI is a proven, debt-free organization with a long, successful history.

What liters is a 3400 SFI engine?


How do you register with sfi marketing group?

To register wit SFI marketing group just go to link:

Is it necassary to have SFI OHV on a pickup?

No , SFI means Sequential Fuel Injection and OHV means that it is an Over Head Valve ( pushrod style engine )

Do the 3400 sfi have timing belt?

it has a timing chain

What is sfi v8 engine?

sequential fuel injection

What is the full form of SFI?

Students' federation of India