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Approx 65HP for a stock 2008 Street Glide, I have an 07 Dyna Wideglide 1584CC & I had a stage one kit with Vance & Hines pipes, race tuner, air cleaner installed & had the bike run on the dyno. It generates 73.3 horse power & never skips a beat. I plan on adding a street glide to my collection. I love the light front end feel, even with the faring. I plan on having a stage 2 kit installed to componsate for the increased weight over my wideglide. Wideglide = 650LBS Street Glide = 749LBS, that will make the street glide faster then my wide glide. Go with a race tuner, not a power commander, it gives you a lot more options, should you want to make changes. Do yourself a favor & have the bike run on the dyno. They use the race tuner on the dyno to perfectly adjust the fuel & air mixture from idle to redline so that it runs perfect. I change my plugs & synthetic oil every 2,500 miles to keep it running top notch. Good luck, you will love the street glide. Big Ed


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Actually in the real world is only 68.62 The Street Glide supplied to us by the HD Fleet Center is not the base model Street Glide; instead it has the optional "PowerPak" installed. This $1995 option boosts the displacement from 96 to 103 cubic-inches and also includes the H-D Smart Security System and ABS brakes. Although the power was increased, the 'Glide's numbers on the MotoUSA dyno were still the lowest out of all three machines. Peak horsepower and torque were just a hair below the Vaquero at 68.62 hp and 86.61 lb-ft of torque. Others have claimed 96 is the written answer per Harley screaming eagle book but the dyno is mightier than the pen.

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