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The Honda Nighthawk 750 is rated at 75 hp.

The Honda Shadow Spirit 750 is rated at 60 hp.

The Honda Shadow ACE 750 is rated at 43 hp.


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HP was 82 or 83 on my 1983 Magna, Do not remember the torque but it is a very fast bike for a 750

Originally the Honda 750 four had 69 horsepowers. ---

The Dynojet website give a typical 2004 Honda Aero a rating of 36.7 hp. Hope this helps.

how much does a 2005 honda shadow have

the horse power on the 750 is about 52. enjoy

I don't know about other years, but the 1983 Honda Shadow VT750 C specifications show Max Power 68 hp @ 7500 rpm. --Eric

A 2005 Honda Shadow 750 has an actual engine size of 745cc. depending on the carburetor type the bike has either 43 or 47.2 horsepower.

750 kW = about 1005.8 horsepower.

i am not exactly sure. maybe about 8 million mph or so>

one horsepower is equal to about 750 watts....So you would multiply the amps times the volys to get watts.....240 x 15.5= 3,720 / 750 =4.96 hp...the approximate horsepower would be 5 hp

Well I have the 2003 model and it is said to be 50 hp (same as the 750 I think, but with MUCH more torque!) I read somewhere 80 foot/pounds

To the best of my knowledge and also checking with Cobra and Show Chrome, no they will not fit

my 2003 shadow 750 gets 48 mpg, you should be close to that

what are the emissions settings for a 1998 honda shadow 750

Will the exhaust pipes for a Honda shadow 1100vt fit a Honda shadow 2012 750

Actually it's 749 cc. --

A Honda shadow 750 V twin motor cycle has two carburators.

Do you mean kW - kilowatts? Because that's the common measure of conversion used. 750 kilowatts would equal 1005.7677 horsepower.

1993 was the last production year of the Nighthawk. Source: No, it was 2003 for the Nighthawk 750. The little Nighthawk 250 is still being made. Both were introduced in 1991. The 750 was Motorcycle of the Year that year.

If it's the 750 (and assuming its the same as the '83), it's 81 HP with 67 nm of torque. They're pretty snappy little bikes

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