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The 1983 Ford 300cid 4.9 litre inline 6 had 120 Horsepower at 3200 RPM and 250 foot pounds of torque at 1600 RPM.

The impressive nature of this engine, besides its durabilty, is how low in the RPM range peak HP and, in particular, peak torque are made.

Some argue that the replacement of the 4.9 in 1997 by the 4.6 litre V8 is all good news but in reality the 1997 4.6 didn't reach its peak torque of 265 foot pounds until 4000 RPM! That being said the 4.6 V8 breaths much better and revs much higher which translates to more HP and better fuel economy.

Still the 4.9 is an incredible engine that deserves its place as "the best engine Ford ever produced".

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Q: What is the hp and torque for a 1983 ford f-150 inline 6 300 cid with manual tranny?
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You can find that in the haynes manual at auto zone.Its kinda hard to find but have patience you will find it.

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Torque on the Ford 200 c.i. L6 head bolts is 60-65 ft/lbs. Apply torque in a three-step process to acheive the correct final torque (i.e. 45/55/65). The 200 L6 (inline six) engine was used in a variety of Ford cars from 1962 thru 1983 including Falcon, Mustang, and Maverick to name a few.

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which spec are you looking for?

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In the owners manual or get a chiltons repair manual for your car at the library.

Need Manual for 1983 mercury outboard motor?

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Horsepower-torque rating for a Honda V45 750cc?

HP was 82 or 83 on my 1983 Magna, Do not remember the torque but it is a very fast bike for a 750

Carburetor diagram 1983 ford econoline e-150?

The carburetor diagram for a 1983 E-150 can be found in the service manual. The manual can be purchased through most auto parts.

What engine does a tr7 1979 have?

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86 hp 124 torque

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It should be down below where the slave cylinder connects to the tranny

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ANYTHING will fit into a 1983 Caprice Classic. Are you asking if it will bolt up to the tranny?

Will a 1983 Datsun 280zx engine fit in a 1981 body?

yes. it has the L28e or L28et. It will fit in any of the Z's. If it's turbo and the other tranny and rear end you have are for a non-turbo then you need the turbo tranny and rear end

Where can you get a diagram of the fuse box in a 1983 Cadillac Seville?

The Owner's Manual

What does a 1983 Chevy Silverado c-10 weigh?

Depending on motor, tranny, accesories. 3800-4100 pounds.

How many pounds of torque on rod bearings 1983 cadillac 4.1 V8?

22 ft lbs

What is the valve cover bolt torque setting on a 1983 El Camino 305?

17 ft./lbs.

After the trany on a 1983 ford ranger pickup warms up why would it not have reverse and acts like it slips into neutral while driving and you slow down it slips back into gear?

Sounds like it's the torque converter to is connected to the flywheel of the engine and pumps the fluid through the tranny. It may have lost it's effectiveness to pump fluid.

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