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What is the hp rating for a 1985 Chevy El Camino?

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if it has the LG4 then it is rated at 160hp

2006-10-23 04:04:41
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What years did Chevy El Camino come with diesel engines?


How much gas can fill up a 1985 Chevy El Camino?

19 gallons

Will a 350 chevy engine fit into your 1985 El Camino?

YES, It will fit right in it.

How many 1985 Chevy El Camino were built?

21,816 el caminos and 2,503 GMC sprint/caballeros

What is the weight of the 1985 El Camino?

3400 lbs is what a normal El-Camino weights

What is the bolt pattern for 85 El Camino?

what is the bolt pattern for 1985 el camino

What is factory rating for 78 400 El Camino?

The 400 wasn't available in the El Camino in '78.

What was the first year of the Chevy El Camino?

The first El Camino was seen in 1959

What was the horsepower rating for a Chevy 305 V8 SS 82' El Camino?

155 HP @ 4400 RPMs

How do you remove a 1985 Chevy El Camino Ignition switch?

The 1985 Chevrolet El Camino ignition switch can be removed by loosening the retaining ring at the top of the switch. The switch will slide out. Remove the wiring harness from the back of the ignition switch.

How many miles per gallon does a Chevy El Camino get?

The miles per gallon that an El Camino gets depends on the size of the engine. An El Camino with a Chevy 350 gets about 22 miles per gallon.

What is the location of the fuse box on a 1981 Chevrolet El Camino?

location of fuse box on 1981 chevy el camino

How do you tell if your 1980 El Camino is a real ss or not?

Easy, Chevy didn't make an El Camino SS in 1980.

Does your 87 Chevy El Camino have a starter relay?


What year was the first Chevy El Camino made?

1959. It was based on the Chevy full size platform. Starting in 1964 the El Camino was based on the Chevelle platform.

Will a 1982 Chevy El Camino frame fit a 1946 Chevy sedan?


Does 1982 Chevy El Camino frame fit a 1946 Chevy sedan?


What is gas mileage rating for a 1984 Chevy El Camino v6?

According to 15 city and 22 hyway for the V6 3.8 engine.

What was the factory installed engine in a 1985 El Camino?

There were 3 factory installed engines in a 1985 El Camino - the 4.3L V6, the 5.0L V8 or the 5.7L diesel V8.

How much does a 1976 Chevy El Camino weigh?


Will Chevy blazer wheels fit on a 1984 El Camino?


What is a 1985 Chevrolet El Camino valued at?


What is a 1985 ss El Camino worth?


What was the horsepower rating for a 1986 Chevy El Camino with a 305 v8 motor?

165-170 H.P.165-170 H.P.

Will a 5 speed transmission from a Chevy 1500 work on my 305 small block El Camino?

and would i have to buy el camino parts for Chevy 1500 tranny or would i buy Chevy 1500 parts for the tranny?