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How many hearts does a beluga whale have?

Beluga whales have only one heart like a human

What are some human activities that have a negative impact on the forests?

deforestation which leads to soil erosion,and the animals losing their habitat

What is the definition of human impact?

human impact is impact of humans on an enviornment

What is the relationship between a beluga whale and a human?

A Beluga Whale's relationship with humans is good. Beluga whales like humans and wont eat them or hurt them. You can find Beluga whales in seaworld, busch gardens (i've heard), etc.

What impact do human have on armadillos?

Humans destroy the habitat of armadillos, they kill them wantonly simply for sport, they run over them with motor vehicles.

How do human activities impact the cheetahs habitat?

They cut down tree's destroy wild life and they hunt and kill the cheetah's prey

How do humans impact on the forest biomes?

Human activities can affect the forest biome badly. Cutting down trees can destroy the habitat. Due to this animals will not be able to adapt to a new habitat and can die.

What is the positive human impact on tundra biomes?

Human impact on the tundra has generally not been a positive one. Because the tundra is such a delicate environment, even the slightest change in conditions can threaten the entire biome. Recent human activities have largely undermined the habitat of the indigenous wildlife through pollution and overdevelopment....

How does human impact affect grasshoppers?

Grasshoppers are affected by continual building. When humans build buildings and homes, the habitat of grasshoppers is diminished at the same time.

What human impact on the red tailed hawk?

One human impact is hunting. Red tailed hawk is very heavily hunted. A second human impact is littering and pollution. when we litter we destroy their habitat Habitat destruction, mainly. Although some unscrupulous hunters may kill one occasionally, this species, like all birds of prey, is strictly protected by law, and hunting is really not much of a threat, if any at all. Plus, the red tailed is the most abundant large raptor in North America.

What is the average IQ of a beluga whale?

Different sources say different things, but 150 seems to be the average. That makes the average Beluga Whale a genius by human standards.

Which animal is crying like a human being?

Recently a White Beluga whale has been reported as mimicking human speech.

How does human impact affect EL YUNQUE?

The human impact in El Yunque: The human impact is very big in El Yunque; millions of trees are cut down every year, and the air pollution only makes it worse. Now, the Puerto Rican parrot's population has decreased by millions because they've lost their habitat, and hundreds are taken from their habitats to be sold in pet stores.

What are the different human activities that causes habitat alterations?

what causes habitat alterations are human homes and construction works

What is the habitat of housefly?

Habitat in cold climates is around human activity.

What is effecting the orangutans habitat?

human beings chopping down there habitat

Can a beluga whale eat a human?

No, they eat fish, crab, squid, octopus, and shrimp.

Define human impact?

human impact means an activity on a place which there is no human such as nature (forests and mountains)

What is a positive human impact on the tundra biome?

the positive human impact is recycling....

How would this climate impact human settlement?

...How would WHAT impact human Settlement?

How do you measure the effect of human activity on an environment?

Human impact on the environment can be measured by looking at the changes in the number of species, soil or air quality, or weather patterns over a period of time in a particular place or habitat.

Is a hippopotamus's habitat in danger why?

there loosing there habitat because of cultivation and encroaching human settlementand illegal hunting. there loosing there habitat because of cultivation and encroaching human settlementand illegal hunting.

What is the human impact on a deciduous forest?

The Human impact for a deciduous forest is a deciduous forest is a popallshen

How did these resources impact human settlement in north america?

how would these resources impact human settlement

Do more global warming are casing form natural issues or human impact?

human impact