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Most heifers should be around 15 to 18 months of age to be receptive and be able to get bred. Of course this depends on the breed and the type of cattle. For dairy cattle, a farmer aims to have a heifer calve by 24 months, or two years of age. The gestation period for a cow is approximately the same as for humans - nine months. Hence, a farmer usually aims to inseminate a heifer at 15 months of age, but this also depends on the health and condition of the animal and whether is is physically fit to become pregnant.

For beef cattle, a heifer generally should be inseminated at around the same age. However, some breeds are quite late maturing, and will only be able to get bred at 18 to 22 months of age. Brahmans (or Zebu-type cattle) are late maturing, enough that only sees heifers getting bred or inseminated at this age.

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What is the average weight of a longhorn heifer?

That all depends on the age of the heifer. The older the heifer, the heavier she'll be.

When a cow is on heat when should artificial insemination be given?

A cow (or heifer) should be AI'd 12 hours after the first signs of estrus.

What is the average age that a heifer has her first calf?

The average age that a heifer will have her first calf is around 24 months of age, if she's been bred at 15 months of age.

When does a heifer become a cow?

A heifer becomes a cow when she has had a baby or when it fully matures at age 4.

When is a heifer fertile?

A heifer will start to cycle and become fertile sometime between 15 and 18 months of age.

Do heifers produce milk?

A heifer does have to be bred and within weeks of giving birth, begin producing milk. It is rare, but I have seen a calf from a different dam begin to suckling a heifer six weeks before the heifer gave birth. And the heifer come into her milk. Not ideal, the heifer needed all her milk especially the colostrum for her own calf. The milk stealing calf had to be separated from the heifer.Answer 2:No. Heifers only produce milk when they are close to calving after they've been bred. However, there was one occaison when I seen a heifer producing milk when she was NOT bred, and was being suckled by another heifer of the same age. This in itself is very rare, as 99% of heifers that are not bred are not producing milk.

What age should a heifer be taken away from a bull?

This is the wrong question to ask, actually. You should be more concerned about the age that you should put a heifer in with a bull to be bred, not when should a heifer be taken away from a bull. See the related question below, but generally, a heifer should be at least 15 months of age to be bred and be able to grow a calf in her. Now to really answer your question, the bull should be removed after a couple months of being in with the heifer[s].

What is the term used for a female cow under 2 years of age?

A heifer. If she's pregnant she's called a bred heifer.

What is the age of puberty of a Limousin heifer?

A Limousin heifer is expected to hit puberty at around 8 to 10 months of age, though some fertile lines have had heifers reach puberty earlier.

Why did God tell Abram to get a 3year old heifer genesis 15-8?

At three years of age the ram, heifer and goat would have been at their prime as far as health, wellness and age.

What is the ideal age for children going to nursery?

the ideal age is 3 years old.

What age should you start milking a dairy heifer?

Whenever and after she calves, which is usually at around 24 months of age.

A sentence with the word heifer in it?

a heifer is a cow that heifer international donates

What is the feminine name of cattle?

Cow, first-calf heifer, bred heifer, heifer, heifer calf or spayed heifer. See the related question below.

When is a heifer calf sexually mature?

Depends on the breed and the individual heifer. Most heifers are sexually mature by the time they are around 15 months of age; others will be sexually mature when they are 24 months of age, like with Brahman heifers.

What is a heifer?

A heifer is young female bovine that has never given birth to a calf.A heifer may be considered a cow if:She successfully gives birth and raises her second calfShe reaches adult maturity at 4 years of ageSome people consider a heifer can become a cow after she gives birth to her first calf, but for many cattle producers she is merely considered a first-calf heifer, not a cow.

What is a male heifer?

There's no such thing as a male heifer. A heifer is female, period.

What do you call a female cow who hasn't given birth?


What is the age limit of a bovine Heifer?

Technically, a heifer can be a heifer for a long time if she remains unbred. Primarily, the definition of a cow is a bovine that has had a calf, but even this can be skewered. Some folks may argue that, for instance, a 6 year-old female that has not been bred at all is still a heifer. Others argue that since she is mature, she qualifies as a cow. But in most cases the "age limit" of a heifer can be when she reaches 2 years of age, which is the age that she gives birth to a calf. There can be disagreement here because these females can and are also called first-calf heifers. Most people believe that a cow is technically officially a cow after she has had her second calf or when she is pregnant with her second calf.

What is the ideal weight of 24 years old women?

Ideal weight is worked out by height not age. Ideal weight is worked out by height not age.

How old should a holstein heifer be before breeding?

At least 15 months of age.

What is an open heifer?

An unpregnant heifer.

What is a bred heifer?

A heifer that is pregnant.

Is a heifer capable of breeding at 8 months of age?

No, the reproductive organs are fully developed only at age 12 Month.

What has a better success rate Intrauterine Insemination or Intracervical insemination?

intrauterrine insemination

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