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First, I will say that the temperature will vary depending on the person(s) using the pool. Some people are more comfortable in cooler or warmer water than others and it certainly depends on how warm the air temperature is. That being said, most people will find that a pool temp less than 70F to be somewhat chilly. Pool temps around 75F are comfortable for some but might still be a little cool for others. Pool temps around 80F are generally very comfortable for most everyone. Pool temps around 85F are generally very, very comfortable for nearly everyone, but may start to actually feel too warm for some (especially on a warm summer day). Above 90F you're heading into hot tub territory! Nice on a cold day but generally too hot for the summer. ...

For stable heat, Frequently check the Lead Level in water. High lead leavel may harm the swimmers and it may heat up the body...

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Q: What is the ideal temperature for a home swimming pool?
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Ideal swimming pool temperature?

I keep my pool about 120 degrees. stew

What is the ideal water temperature for an indoor swimming pool for senior citizens?

78 degrees Fahrenheit

What is the ideal swimming pool temp if you have 46 Celsius outside air temperature?

It would be around 37, body temperature

What pH is ideal for a swimming pool?


What is the ideal pool temperature?


What instrument measures the temperature of a swimming pool?

The anwser to this QuestionWe would use a termometre to measure , the temperature of a swimming pool .A thermometer.

Is there a minimum temperature for an indoor swimming pool?

The temperature of a pool is not regulated anywhere that I know of.

What is the ideal atmospheric temperature if you go swimming?

With an indoor pool (not a spa) room air temperature should be maintained 2-5 degrees above the water temperature< with 50% or less humidity.

What are the purposes of swimming pool heat pumps?

The purpose of a swimming pool heat pump is to rise the temperature of the water. The pool then can be used for swimming even on days when the weather is not perfect. The swimming pool season is extended.

How can you lower the temperature of a swimming pool?


What is swimming pool buffer?

Swimming pool buffer is a type of chemical treatment used to adjust the pH balance of the water. It helps to maintain proper water conditions which are ideal for swimming.

When is the temperature too cold in a swimming pool for a child?

It is recommended that for children the temperature in a swimming pool be 82 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. For babies the recommended temperature should be 84 to 86 degrees.

What is the lowest temperature to get in a pool?

The lowest temperature to get in a pool, especially a public swimming pool, is about 70 degrees Fahrenheit/ 21 degrees Celsius.

What should Swimming pool water temperature be for babies?


Water temperature of the Beijing olympic swimming pool?


Does rubbing alcohol increases the temperature of a swimming pool?


What temperature should pool water be for swimming?

82 degres

Why do you feel cold after you get out of the swimming pool?

Because change of temperature

The temperature of a swimming pool?

The American Red Cross suggests that 78° F is appropriate for swimming.

What would be the temperature of a swimming pool be if the pool is 75f when the pool heater is turned on the temperature rises 2f every hour what will the teperature be after 3 hours?


What instrument measures temperature of the a swimming pool?

A thermometer is used to measure the water temperature, typically a specially designed pool thermometer.

Does your body lose heat by conduction while in a swimming pool?

Quite so. The water in a swimming pool is cooler than body temperature (unless the swimming pool is actually a hot tub) and therefore, a person in that pool will lose heat by conduction.

What is ideal water temp for competitive swimming pool?

Not sure on exact temp...but it needs to be COLD.

What type of energy that is greater in the swimming pool with a temperature of 24c then in a puddle with a temperature of 24c?


How do you measure temperature of a swimming pool?

The easiest way is with a floating thermometer.