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"Ideal" weight and the amount one really should weigh depends on his or her body shape, physical activity, and overall health. For example, a person who lifts weights a great deal will weigh more than someone who does not because of the increased muscle mass. Thus, that person's weight may be the same as someone who is inactive. However, we use the term "ideal body weight" in medicine to refer to a calculation that has to do with the height and sex of a person. The ideal body weight for a girl who is 4'9" is 96 pounds As an FYI, the calculation for women is 48.67 + (1.65 - (inches-60)) Hope this helps! Dr. B.

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Ideal weight for 49 year old male?

Depends on height.

What is ideal weight for 5ft 6inches men at 49 years old?

Your ideal weight should be 64-67 Kg. You can find a weight calculator in the related links below.

What is the ideal weight for a 49 year old man standing 5'8?


What is the ideal weight for a 49 year old woman who is 5'5?

130 lbs

What is the ideal weight for a 49 year old woman who is 5'7''?

Hello! Below I have added the link to a website that will calculate your Ideal Body Weight (IBW). You need to add in your information (weight, height, age) and it will calculate your IBW. Hope this was helpful.

What is the ideal weight for a 49 yr old woman with 5 5 in height?

55 Kgs!

What is an ideal weight for woman 1.63 height?

Somewhere between 49 and 65 kilograms (BMI 18,5 - 25)

Is 49 kg a normal weight for a girl of 15 years?

if really depends on your height

What is the average weight for a Y woman at Y years old?

For women: Ideal Body Weight (in kilograms) = 49 kg + 1.7 kg for each inch over 5 feet. This for adult women.

What is the average weight for an 8 year old girl who is 49 inches tall?

An eight year old gal who is 49" tall (~ 122cm) is 30 kg (~ 65#).

If you have 49 kilogram of lead what is the weight?

erm, 49 kg?

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How much does danna paola weight?


What is the average weigh of a 4' 11 woman?

a women of 4'11" can weight between 49-53 kgs weighing more than the ideal weight even if body fat is less than 10% is not recommended for this height as the bones will be stressed too much for the height

What is the average weight for someone 5' 9''?

I am assuming you are asking for ideal weight as determined by medical professionals. Keep in mind "average" weight in America exceeds what is considered "ideal". I am also assuming you are a fully developed adult. Ideal weights for persons age 25 to 49 with a height of 5'9" are as follows: For a woman 126-139lbs for a small frame 139-153lbs for a medium frame 149-170lbs for a large frame For a man 142-151lbs for a small frame 148-160lbs for a medium frame 155-176lbs for a large frame

What is the average weight for a 6-year-old girl that is 46 inches tall?

A 6 year old girl should weigh between 43 pounds and 46 pounds. This is a normal, healthy weight if they stand between 46 inches and 49 inches tall.

What is a 49 year old women's normal weight?

Weight is worked out on height not age.

How many Weight Watchers bonus points do you get?


What is 49 kilometers in pounds?

can not turn distance into weight

Is an 8-year-old girl who weighs 69 pounds and is 49 inches tall overweight?

Yes, she is slightly overweight. The healthy weight range for an 8 year old girl measuring 4'1" (49 inches) is 47-64 lbs. , according to child Body Mass Index (BMI) charts.

How do you calculate equivelent weight.?

Equivalent weight is the molecular weight/functionality. Sulfuric acid is 98 molecular weight with two protons, so its equivalent weight is 49.

What is the weight of a woman 1.60 meters in height?

49 wieght.

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Weight of 4x8x8' lumber plank?

49 pounds

What is the weight of a rock with a mass of 5.0 Kg?

49 N